Crashing warriors’ home in Canada

I met this warrior in Camp in 2016. To me, he is one of those “hardcore tackling” masters in Predicament. I wouldn’t want to make him mad.
He is Master Shane.
But he has a beautiful heart and soul. His mischievous eyes alongside his crazy humor never cease to entertain me in spite of the many life’s ups and downs. A good friend in need always ready to help whenever possible.
His working hours are very crazy. Sometimes up to 14 hours. But when I told him, I’m coming, he made space in his very busy schedule to take me in and around Vancouver. 
A man of many talents. He knew how to navigate his inner masculine and feminine in life and impart those skills to his students and friends. I’m one of them. 
I can always confide in him whenever, wherever. And when I did not communicate anything at all, he can sense me. A skill not many people have unless you are an empath (like me)
With warriors like him in my life, they taught me to stand in my powers and essence. To be the warrior and goddess within and with-out.

Anyway, it was often cloudy and rainy in October but when I meet him, the sun came out and play as long as possible and we had a great time. 

Vancouver and its surrounding vicinity is rich with beautiful natural landscapes. We went to see the mountains, seas, beaches, waterfalls, salmon farm and many more. 
And the people are so nice. Third as compared to Japan and Asia, in my book. We met with some of his good friends, a fireman (of course, cos my dad is one) and they took us out for a Vietnamese lunch. We shared stories and almost felt like we had known each other for years.  
When its time to go, I had difficulty leaving. Such beautiful hearts and souls…

We explored local cuisines. 
I still remember the delicious smell of these cinnamon rolls as we walked by… fascinatingly, the rolls were moist yet sticky pumped with sugary rush… love it!

 Overall I had such great time, that I felt like I was one of its resident. Shane had difficulty getting rid of me cos I don’t want to leave. Canada is one of the countries that shall engrave its love into my heart.

Thank you, Shane.
This has been one memorable trip with you.

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