Are you in LOVE with your pain?

“Healing begins with awareness and ends with change.It asks us to release the emotional hurts buried deep inside and let go of the identities we’ve created around those hurts. We must give up our habits and comfort zones and renounce unhealthy behaviour that compromises who we really are, even if that behaviour makes us feel safe or helps us resemble everyone else.”
– Carol Ritberger

The goal of healing isn’t fixing but creating a new world of love within and with-out.

There is a “story” we created and tell ourselves- to every pain, dis-ease, challenge that we have.

Are we seeking love by repeating that story? Are we being victims by allowing that to be repeated over and over again?

Now let’s focus on you….

Are you actually loving the fact that you are in pain? So that people around you will shower endless “love” in the form of sympathies, words of motivations, gifts and even hugs and loads of TLC?

And whenever you feel depleted of love, you created that “world of pain” again and became victim of your own by playing that broken record- the “old story” just to be a beggar of love. Is it enough? Will it ever be enough?

Because when you are in “pain” or sick or whatever… you were put on pedestal, on stage and the focus is on you.

Suddenly everyone notices you. And everyone walks towards you with love. And suddenly you are not alone. You are no longer invisible in your so called “unhappy world”. You are being embraced with love. And you like that. You love those spontaneous gifts of love.

Check within if that is true.

Love from others is never enough. How can that ever be enough?

We can only receive as much love according to the love we have for ourselves.

And the truth is ….
we already have an endless love within….from the Divine.

I’ve seen some clients returned to their “unhealthy” ways of living (by seeking love outside themselves and begging the world around them for that tiny morsels of love in forms of approval, affections, care and concern etc)

I’m not your healer. I’m just being your mirror. Shining some light to the answers that are already within you: LOVE. So are the other Teachers, gurus, mentors, healers etc

No one can really heal you. They can mirror you.Healing is your job. And once you are open, the Divine will help you.

Be prepared though. Once you commit to this journey, be open and embrace the “truths” that might unfold.

You are your own healer. Everyone has this gift and ability. Only thing is that we were not taught to embrace this inner gift but to suppress to act “normal”.

…. that You already are.

That itself is the most powerful healing energy and answer to your every challenge.

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