What do you do for a living?

Everywhere I go, strangers ask me what I do for a living.

Because they felt some kind of attraction that led them to me.

A magnetic loving energy.

Most times, they just felt a calming comfy feeling that spontaneously allow them to trust me with their life challenges and their deepest secrets.

And I didn’t even ask. But eventually we part with love and solutions to our lives.

I said,” I’m a love traveller”.

What is that?
“I travel the world using power of love to shed as many light to ignite the love within souls.”

“I help people to solve their everyday challenges using love.”

Love? Is that a new age thingy and technique?

“No. It’s the power that everyone has within and can tap into anytime.”

Does that includes relationships?

So you are also a love coach?
But I’m not concerned about love and relationships of you with everybody else.

I’m concerned about love and relationships with you and you.”

More puzzled faces…

I explained…

“Everything in your world reflects the world within you.

And everything is about love. What you desires is always about love. The money, the house, the car, the girl, the man, the job, the fame, the twin flames, soulmates, marriage, the title and many more.
The ailments, dis-eases, the heartbreaks, the business crisis etc that you face were results of not tuning into that love.

The body, heart, mind and soul often “talk” to us to embrace and use the power of love, the innate healer everyday. And when we ignored them, the “signs” gets louder and bolder every time. Thus the pain, depressions, challenges arise.

I just help you to identify the block to your own abundance of love and tune into its miraculous power.

Not just healing of the current challenge but prevention of recurrence of it in the future by improving the current life with love.

Until you realise the core of it all is love. And LOVE is also the answer to all your desires, then you can unblock anything to your manifestations and solve your every challenges.”

This is the secret to life, law of attractions and many more mysteries of life.

This is my life purpose. To shine some light to the answer that is already within you.

I’m an energy healing professional. I help you identify the heart, root, cause of your every challenge.

I’m not your healer. I’m only your mirror. The true healer is you. I’m just igniting the switch of love within you and send you your way.

I’m just a guide as you are to me.

We are all love and we mirror and guide one another.

You already have what you need. You are already love.

Acknowledge that love within and soon, your world will be love.

People of love, abundance of love, miracles of love will come flocking into your life.

Love is your true essence. Embrace love. Embrace you.

Embrace everything.

If you need some light to the love and answers within, do not hesitate to contact me:


These are some of their testimonials.

Only contact and connect with me when you feel its the right thing to do in your heart.

I am a great receiver of love and abundance and I am a wonderful giver as well.

Thank you.
I love you.



P.s: Healing sessions are  rated per 30mins. Contact us for more info. 

I’m not going to touch upon some peeps’ non-positive issues in regards to the money, spirituality and healing…

Money is energy. Everything is energy.

Thank you. 

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