Eating mindfully can transform your life

Eating is a powerful experience if one stays in the present fully.

My take on eating mindfully…

You can experiment first with your family’s cooking-your Mother, father, your Wife, hubby, family, friends or even your own etc

Taste their food and feel them. More often than not, you can feel their state of being in their food.

It’s therapeutic and it’s unconditional love burst in various forms.


What do I feel like eating?

Shunde’s roast goose!!!

(warning: Do not watch this on an empty stomach)

When I was an international food writer, often the owners and staff will bring me to the kitchens and fed me stories about the birth of their eateries. (I still receive spontaneous invites wherever I go)

It was no easy feat, mind you.

Every food that came to greet us in the eateries, often have some form struggles, pain and tears which eventually made up the stories of love, passion and zest for life.

If you are open and sensitive enough (everyone has this gift), like the Ratatouille the movie, you can feel the emotions, heart and love of the person cooking the dish for you.

The one thing that motivate most owners to extend their appointments with me were because I was able to “communicate” what the food meant to them. #foodwhisperer lol.

Some were childhood stories, some were love from parents to children, some were about family and many more.

I was often served 1-2 tables of colorful and flavorful dishes. Definitely I cannot finish them all. I often invite the staff to eat with me, or I sneak my own team for the feast.

Technique of eating mindfully (my way):

Before you eat the food,

  1. thank the Divine, God (higher power in whatever labels you are comfy with) 
  2. bless the people behind the food, the farmers, the animals, the earth, the sky, every ingredient etc. 
  3. And when you eat the food. Eat mindfully. ( mindfully meant 1-attentive,aware or careful. 2-noting or relating to the psychological technique of mindfulness)
  4. Chew slowly. 
  5. Notice the sensations they created for you. 
  6. Take note of the burst of flavors as you chewed more. 
  7. Open all your senses and 
  8. close your eyes (it helps in being present).
  9. Let the “stories” flow within you: the emotions, the love, the passion, the tears, the struggles etc will pop up.
  10. Acknowledge them with gratitude. Often times, after an amazing eating experience, my eyes will start tearing up. Rolls of tears cascade down my cheeks for no reason why. And sometimes a “cinema will pop up” showcasing their cinematic life stories.

And then my eyes met the cooks’ eyes, I thank them through words from my mouth and the love shining from my eyes.

Our souls seems to understood and acknowledge each other’s unique journey. And we parted with hugs and love without even having to understand each other’s language.

And my life started to transform after that…

Those beautiful art pieces of love  canoodled me and then “embedded” into me.

My perception of life expanded.

There seems to be a piece of magic and miracles everywhere I dine…

Love is a force that connects us all.
Be open to it.
We are all connected.
No use building walls to segregate one another.
We may be different on the outside but on the inside we are actually similar.

Love is everywhere.
Love is who we are.

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