Best sleeping position for me…

Do you know our cells speak to each other when we sleep? And sometimes, depending on our partners, we absorp each other’s tiredness and energy we brought back to bed.

Some peeps wake up refreshed. Some felt more lethargic than ever. I realised we need to make sleeping as one of our healthy habits. Since young, if I don’t sleep well, I get cranky and my day grew frustrated. And since I’m an empath sensitive to my surroundings, I was not able to be grounded nor aware of the awesome things daily, if my sleep is disrupted.

Different cultures taught us different habits.

Some faiths like Islam incorporated daily living habits. When I went to Bali, I hang with some priests and healers (energy, spiritual etc) and they taught me to sleep facing north and more.

In Islam, I was taught to follow the habits of the beloved Prophet pbuh. He pbuh used to sleep with body turning to the right and facing the Qibla (Mecca direction).

This way the heart is free and awake, working steathily while we rest our body to sleep.

And so I experimented with various sleeping positions. Changing my bed’s position as well.

And I have to say, sleeping on my right side facing Qibla is best for me. I wake up feeling refreshed and healthier (breathing is good when sleeping).

If I sleep otherwise, I have difficulty breathing because it’s heavy on the heart. And I get cranky.

For me to be fully present and chirpy with my Clients, I need my beauty and health sleep.

Sleeping well is one of the key of being healthy. Because these few hours are meant for the body to heal itself and recharge to embrace the new day and it’s challenges alongside the goals to fulfil.

What do you think? What sleeping position is best for you?

Have fun discovering.

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