Beauty Review-Transformational Project: Organic facial treatment at Flare Wellness

Country: Singapore 

Singapore: Advertorial.

When my manager told me about the Organic facial treatment, I was giving 101 excuses just like when I was a child, I had 101 excuses to avoid going to the dentist. (So much so that my mom had to get me sedated to fully extract all my baby teeth in 1 shot. Now you know why my teeth looks perfectly arranged with no braces.)

But because I told myself to be committed to my own personal growth, this is one fear I need to overcome.

I do not understand why I fear going to beauty centres and spas. Perhaps I thought they may remove my breasts (or some other body parts) by mistake or something. I think I watched too much thriller TV.

On the actual date, I arrived punctually.But I did get lost with the taxi driver. Lol. We both got confused between the Bugis Plus building and Bugis Cube. (I’m the only world traveller who still get lost in her own city and country. Lol).

Upon reaching the 5th storey, a strong draft of flowery scent welcomes me from the escalator. I felt drawn to follow this beautiful smell into the beauty centre.

Nabila my beauty therapist has anticipated my arrival with a beautiful smile and a big metallic bowl.

The bowl is for a free feet soak.
I sat down, resting my feet and began undressing my socks and my shoes. I liked the vibrant orangeyness of the shop. It creates warm welcoming effect on its own. Small yet cosy. I felt like I was in my own home.

Nabila pour warm water into the big metallic bowl and further add spoonfuls of whatever looks like grainy granules of some sweet smelling feet spa thingy.

Then came another waft of beautiful scent rushing thru my nose and rejuvenated my every senses as if I was in a garden of sweet smelling flowers. Aah..such a beautiful smell. I felt very relaxed almost immediately.

Nabila explained to me in a simple but detailed processes of what my beauty treatment entails. Knowing that this is my first time doing an organic facial treatment, I need delicate gentle treatment and with loads of super simple words of instructions and explanations. (Thru out my life, I only did 1 facial few years back because I was called to make an appearance on TV. Sigh.)

She talked to me in a very nurturing manner although I noticed she is younger than me. I felt like I’m in good hands. My preconceived “thriller” fears were vanquished.

After the warm relaxing feet soak, I was led into the massage room. I was then told to remove my top. I was petrified. What?!

She calmly explained that their beauty treatments always ensure that they go that extra mile for their loving customers which includes some extras like the shoulders massage and the head massage.
I nodded my head and willingly undress and wait for further instructions. I looked around the room. It’s small, cosy and has a beautiful view.

Looking at the deco, I believed the owner is someone who loves beauty, quality and intricate details. I read the amazing news articles framed on the walls. I am truly amazed by the owner. I may know her for years but I don’t really know how amazing she truly is.

Ms Sharifah Fazzeleen, a successful entrepreneur who grew her business from scratch.

Not only that  she is also a single mother who like me in spite of our everyday challenges of being both the father and mother to our kids, we keep moving forward, very determined to achieve each and every of part of our dream life.

Even with her busy schedules juggling between motherhood and entrepreneurship, she has time for others in need. She often participate in charity works and help other single parents and business women.

She was shortlisted as the only Malay woman to be one of the finalist for Extraordinary Women 2012 award created by Simply Her Magazine.

Wow. A wholesome, beautiful super woman, big hearted and also multi-talented (she was also a popular VJ and had 9 years of managing Jeffrey Chung’s Models previously).

I laid down in the air conditioned room. Feeling empowered and curious at the same time, I let Nabila guides me thru the process.


Nabila looked at me and knowingly found my weakness. “Not enough fluid-intake”, she said smiling yet sternly at me. I felt a bit ashamed at my lack of care for my face and body.

Being a world traveller often dashing to different continents within a month has caused a major disruption to my face and wellbeing. I’m always running around that I did not make time to drink the full 8 glasses of water. And yes, I use that as an excuse of forgetting to drink the normal 8 glasses( or more) of water, daily.

She then “scanned” my face and said that I need the “Bulgarian Rose Damascena ” treatment.
A $128 treatment of nourishing and soothing formulation delicately purifies, balances and moisturises sensitive dry skin.

It detoxifies and eliminates excess oil (perfect cos I love to eat fried stuff) dirt, and refines pores. The anti-ageing (I’m 21!) properties of the Rose Oil will brighten and rejuvenate tired, dull skin. Leaving skin soft, supple and rejuvenated (aah..that is what I wanna hear, the end result)

There are various steps to it. It includes, simple head massage, shoulders massage, spraying some kind of fresh rejuvenating mist, cleansing, toning, pressing the acupressure points on my face and yes, the luxurious face mask and some special face cream with sunscreen (notice the map of freckles on my face? YES, I did not use any sunscreen thru out my life. Maybe I should now… )

These meridian points (which I felt as if I never knew these points existed, some what like the feet reflexology) were focused upon and massaged, I can feel the blood flowing on my face and also through other parts of the body.

Our body is truly a miracle. The body parts are all connected to one another. I also learnt how to ease my own headaches while Nabila guided me on the meridian points. This is crucial. Headaches are common for me. This is totally a great discovery and help for me.

The whole treatment took about an hour. I thought I will get restless but I was actually relaxed and happy to be there. The experience not only opened up all my senses but also my internal being felt very light and happy.

My numb aching shoulders of endless nights of  working on my Mac had been “rectified” by Nabila’s gentle yet firm fingers and hands.

But wait, the detoxifying process did not end there. I was told that even after the facial was over, the face continues to detoxify and regulates blood flow. I can see my face improved better and better for the next 3-5 days. yippee!

 I had a fun educational time with Flare Wellness.

Do check out this candid video of us, some shots and the interview with the owner on youtube . Do remember to subscribe for more beauty updates.

AFTER effects? My face felt like a Million dollar velvet carpet, so soft and luxuriously supple.
I love touching it as if I have received a “new” face. I poked my face gently and lovingly and watched as the skin sprung back on me. Boing! I looked back in the mirror and I felt a decade younger.

I love this. I’m going to keep this face, I said with a sudden air of confidence surging and a sparkling sense of self esteem growing.

Overall, although it’s my virgin experience… I am very happy with it. I felt that the $128 is all worth every penny of it.

Good news…BEAUTIFUL ladies and men!!-for 1st time trial, it’s only $68.
PROMOTION: The facial cost about $128   (1 hour)
1st trial -$68. To book: Call 84044076

There are various types of facial treatments and one of them is Botanical radiance where you can choose from any one of the six organic facial treatments to exfoliate, stimulate and brighten your face.

And I have more exciting news for you…..

BONUS!!!EXTRAS with the above PROMOTION…
6 SESSIONS which normally cost $610 will be only $500 and 6 eye treatments will be included(woohoo! to reduce puffiness dark ring). Hurry! Promotions are till end of April.
That means you SAVE a whopping $616!!! woohoo! (actual cost of the whole package is $1116). To book, call: 84044076

Flare Wellness is one of very few that actually specialize in this Organic range of treatments and in the world, only France, Japan and Taiwan  are the market leaders.

Flare Wellness not only personalized my treatment, they include some other extra pamperings such as feet soak, rose tea, accu-pressure on my meridian points letting my blood flow with ease, skin analysis and consultation creating a balance within and without. Packages and promotions are available, do enquire. Call: 84044076.

Other services and treatments includes organic sugar waxing, organic deep cleansing, dead sea mud clarifying, bio acne, bridal facial & detox therapy…etc.

They also conduct workshops and beauty awareness classes. All products are from Europe and its 100% organic and of Vegan ingredients. Centre is Muslim-Owned. So insya-Allah Halal integrity will be kept at all times. If you are keen to know more about their services and products,

Call: 84044076.. Or drop by Flare Wellness at BUGIS CUBE level 5.
Do mention that you are referred thru: Lina Masrina (website:

Have fun. You totally deserve the best!
Thank you Flare Wellness for the personalised rejuvenating organic facial treatment.
Totally enjoyed it!

Address: Bugis Cube 470 North Bridge Road #05-04 Singapore 188735
Opens Daily: 11am-8pm.

Do call: 84044076 for appointments or drop by to browse thru their extensive range of organic products.

(they don’t keep stock because they are particular about the integrity and quality of every product they sell and strive to  maintain it. Fyi-Organic products have a short shelf-life span of 6 months)

You can even buy their products online                      :

P.s: After the organic treatment, I wanted to keep this beautiful face of mine in that “mint” condition. That pampering motivates me to go on the next level of caring for my dear self. No more Biore or any other on the easy-fix, easy-grab cleanser for me.

I bought one organic cleanser for my daily face cleansing routine. I’m a no hassle fuss kind of traveller girl, I travel light and I travel often. I cannot keep up with the three step cleansing and toning etc.

This seems perfect for me.
Cleanser is $38. (I know it’s way expensive than the $5 self fix cleanser on the market, but hey beauty has a price other than commitment *wink). Its time to step up on our beauty care because we, super awesome ladies definitely deserve the best!

I cannot wait to see my face improve and getting better and better each day!!
We are all BEAUTIFUL!

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