Healthy body:Master cleanse begins-Bring it on, Lemons!

These short 8 months, I’ve travelled to 11 countries like a whirlwind, everything seems crazy. The transformational programs I went to and the people I met are super wonderful. The food, OMG, some blew my mind.
And I have eaten tons of stuff and grown slightly sluggish.(no worries, still in the healthy bmi range;)
And although I’ve just completed my Ramadan fast, i still feel that there are some stuffs needed to be removed and cleansed from my tummy.

So this is my 10 day journey. The roadmap.

For more info on master cleanse,

 I’m doing this not because Beyonce used this to lose weight for her role in Dreamgirls but i just felt this sudden urge after my final trip from Japan and Korea.

Note:Do consult your doctor or physician before embarking on any detox or body cleansing diet.

Im saving my energy. Im just gonna tweet.
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I found this useful pdf book nearing the end of the detox. It helps to understand more about it and options included from someone who personally has gone thru it.

Towards a healthier living,

P.s:Im currently on my day 9 and truthfully, i felt lighter , more energy, better complexion and my mind is clearer. I feel great! The challenges are tough for me cos Im a foodie and always surrounded with gorgeous food, creative cooks and crazy friends who love food and love, love to feed me.
But I believe i can do it and I will 😉

Take note though, after ten days, one need to ease out so that the body can slowly embrace normal food. I have a deep-seated personal intention for this cleanse. So that grounded me to complete it.
I did this before but on a different cleanse and stayed raw vegan for 6 months and vegetarian for a year and I love the energy bustling thru me.

But then, due to food tasting trips and international reviews and also for my India trip, I had to “prepare” my tummy to be a steel tummy so that i can eat its street food with no problem. I had to start eating food from all categories including meats, dairy etc including more fried fritters and unhealthy options.

And alhamdulillah, I had no tummy problem thru out my India street food rendezvous.
Do what works best for you .Mainly, for me, I listen to my body. Whatever it needs and wants, i will do my best to provide for it.

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