Singaporean Wedding Crasher landed in Southern India: Thank you நன்றி


(I was supposed to go to Kerala and Chennai only and ended up covering more cities, towns and villages. Love it!)

This spontaneous trip was unplanned. I planned it just within weeks but it did not go as planned. I make and shift my plans as I go along. Weddings invited, I did not go, weddings not invited, I went and embraced.

Homes that invited me, I cannot go, homes that did not invite me, I went in.

Such is the life of a spontaneous traveller who has to adapt and go with the flow as what the Universe has planned for me. Because eventually, the outcome came much better than expected.

Fear is definitely there. Every step, it grinned at me waiting for me to surrender to him. Somehow, I came out triumphed.

Tears…buckets, pails and even wells of tears had gushed out of me and probably “drowned” some of the people around me. Professional production teams who were supposed to work with me were unable to come due to some mishaps/accidents that occured unexpectedly.

Eventually, it turned out amazingly well. Although I had to do everything almost by myself, locals and friends who gathered around me unexpectedly came to aid and became my helpful “assistants”. Its ok, if the camera was a bit shaky or the video of me came upside down, mainly the end of it all, we came out laughing and leaving each other with loads of love, hugs just like my own family.

Brides & Grooms & Families
Bharath & Family
Bharath & Staff
Ganesh & Family
Vinod & Family
Prasanna & wifey
Riyaz & Family
Ashik & Family
Alice Tan & Family
“Romeo” & brother etc (Camera/Video boys)

No words can expressed my gratitude to each and everyone of you for spontaneously lending me your selves and families and whatever I needed. For coming to meet and accomodate me in such short notice and also for feeding me in my “many” slots of hunger (lol) and curiosity moments.

To the “whole village” who has embraced my presence like a VIP,  or more: I am grateful for that. I have no clue what amazing love and hospitality lies within you to reach out and embrace me fully in spite of the “busy-ness” of the weddings that were happening.

Also not forgetting-Money & You India 2014 : Riyaz, Vivek, Surya, Prasanna, Murali, Sridharan, Suresh, Ancy, Jerin, Vinod, Krupa (and if I forget your name, apologies) and last but not least the loving Azeeza & Dr. Ramesh (International Speaker Certification Founder and Trainers).

Especially to Bharath (& family) who has come to my rescue more than once spontaneously (I kept crashing into his roadtrips & business trips 🙂 to ensure I was always safe and able to meet whoever I need to meet, to complete what I was supposed to do and at the same time, making sure I was fed the best foods (home, street, wedding etc) thru out the journey.

and those strangers whom I did not know at all,
who went all out to ensure that
my solo-travel night trips were safe thru out…
and not asking for anything in return…

I am really fortunate to know each and everyone of you.

And the most important people in my life:
My family who has been supporting me and my crazy travels, business, ideas and many more.
And my wonderful sons who have been my raving fans since day 1.

I LOVE YOU!!! xoxoxoxo

Thank you with all my heart for your initiatives.

God bless.


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