129 – Life without frills

I remembered when I was young, I was afraid to ask my parents for money for extra spending in school like snacks, milk, etc
I noticed how difficult my mom had to ask my father for money for my daily pocket money and I did not want to put her in that position. Furthermore, he had a bad temper. 
My father, a thrifty man, he asked lots of questions for every penny spent. Sometimes we felt overwhelmed that we rather kept mum about insufficiency. 
We were not wealthy but we were not poor either.
Anyway when I was in Primary 2, age 7/8… I got me  50 cents for canteen food. 30 cents for rice or noodles and 10 cents for drinks.
Sometimes I have extra 10 cents which I kept for extra activities after school. For a drink or a small fish ball.
Its not enough but I make do with what I have. Sometimes I helped the canteen vendors and I got me free drinks.
Well, I remembered in class, there were kids who subscribed to daily packet milk. They had flavours like strawberries and chocolate and they had pictures of cool art from kids around the country.
I think one milk was probably 40 or 50 cents. Most of the students in my class got one. I didn’t. As they drank up their milk, I imagined I was one of them drinking.
But what I loved was at the end of class, there will be leftover packets of milk. Some kids were absent and the milk cannot be kept for the next day.
And so teachers were creative to create competition amongst us. For example :whoever first completed the assignments correctly will be rewarded with the milk. And I did my best. Some days, I got some, some days, none.
Lessons learnt through that, I often strive my best to get what I want on my own. I seldom ask my parents.
Second, I learn to live a life without frills. Whenever we go for groceries shopping, I always choose what is needed for all of us. I seldom choose anything special or expensive, only what is necessary.
It took me a long way to learn to pamper myself some times. 
Looking back, I have lead a simple life. Even my wedding was simple. It was small and I handled everything on my own including the expenses.
But there were also times, when the little girl within me will ask – why didn’t my parents buy me the milk like other parents? Didn’t they love me enough?
Till this day, these childhood stories may bring tears to my eyes. Cause perhaps, I didn’t take time to acknowledge the little girl who did her best to live life without frills. 
But I’ve improved. I do my best to balance my life.
Sometimes I go budget, sometimes normal and sometimes luxury…in everything I do and desire. 
Well…. We are all doing our bestest with what we knew and experienced.
What about you? 
What childhood stories still bring tears to your eyes? 
P. S: Life without frills has also taught me to manage money well especially when I travel solo spontaneously. Truly grateful. 
Hi, my name is Lina Masrina. I am a spontaneous explorer of life. An explorer of worlds within and with-out. My dream is to travel all 196+ countries of the world. Currently I’ve travelled 47. 
This is my blog. 
I’ve grown from a food blogger with million of fans worldwide, to a heart healer and women empowerer. 
Now, I’m focusing on just exploring my many versions of me and do my best to be my authentic self and loving me in all my colorful seasons (regardless of whether the world may approve or not 🙂 
And this blog of more than 10 years are just about me sharing my everyday. My intention is with hope and love that thru my experiences shared, you as the reader find solutions to your own happy journey.
Together, we become a huge universe of joyful beings rippling love…just by us, being ourselves. 
It’s not easy being our truths, but who can we be, other than the unique weird selves we are blessed with? 
I believe the world is better with all our weirdness combined. 
And to do that is to first acknowledge, embrace and love ourselves in all the good, bad and awesomeness. 
Everything I do is to heal the illusions we have all adopted thru out our lives. I recommend that we each heal ourselves by facing the skeletons we hid in our closets. 
But if you need the extra guidance, I may be able to help you. Connect with me : linamasrina at Gmail dot com (do check out my disclaimer page above). 
Have fun living your life as I do with mine. 
Lina Masrina. 
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