130 – Pissed off.

Asian movies bring out the best and worst emotions in me because its closer to home. They touched upon matters that are close to our hearts. And sometimes, the truth they brought in the movies, awaken us.
For me, my peeved moments were….
(Many movies especially Indian movies showcased these…and some I’ve heard personally) 
I’ve watched men asking their wives to continuously give birth until they gave them what they wanted (to “prove” the world that they can do it, they are Man enough to create boys) baby boys. 
For the wives, sometimes out of love for the husband, wanting him to have peace and pride in his community (hey, I got a baby boy, that must be something, huh :))… they obliged. 
Being pregnant and giving birth is no joking matter. Women are dancing between life and death. And they go through lots not just the 9 months, before and after. 
Making one’s wife giving birth like a factory is totally cruel. For the educated women who can boldly say no cos its their body, I’m glad. But for others, still “caged” in thinking husbands control their bodies and the road to heaven and many more…. I empathise. 
For me, 2 are enough. And I’m thankful, they are my choices. Some can handle 3,4…but 5 and beyond? Just to get a boy? 
Aren’t daughters capable enough being lots of joys and pride as well? 
Anyway, I’m not going there… 
I just hope that one day, in this world of virtual reality games etc…. We have programs of experiences whereby, we can insert the “experiences” directly into our head and feel as if we were in the process itself. 
I hope in the futuristic advancement years ahead… there is a virtual program whereby its a law for men to complete before ever getting married. 
A program whereby they get to experience every detail of being pregnant from impregnation, horrendous morning sickness, the need to pee often, bodily changes and emotional too, body grown beyond imagined, uncomfy sleeping positions, endless cravings and hunger, being in labour, giving birth, post natal depression, and many more… (best, if they can also experience the full duration of 9 months with all these wondrous changes :)) 
And after, seek their views again, if they ever want their wives to go thru that over and over and over again (just for the sake of getting a boy?) . 
Similar to…. 
What reminded me was.. of this machine in my childhood, whereby we put a dollar, push or turn the button, and a little box or capsule object popped up. Inside there can only be 1- a very small toy, key chain or just a tiny ball that bounces. 
And the probability of getting what we want feels like that. But if only giving birth is that easy….
I mean, c’mon…. We are all humans. We are capable of feeling each others’ pain. Why do we subject our loved ones to go through such journey because of ego desires? To show people, to prove something? What?!!! 
And when you do have the boy, what happened to the array of daughters you’ve created? Are you gonna treat the boy extra special just because…. And treat the girls any less? Is it their fault? It’s yours isn’t it? (Men, you are the ones having the xy chromosomes) 
I know how it feels to be neglected just cos I’m a girl. I knew how it feels to be rejected cos I was born a baby girl. No one should go through that. 
And every women should know that they are NOT factories that never close.(We are humans too.)
They should rest at least 2 years after birth, before giving birth again. For their HEALTH and also to take precious time to bond and nurture their kids fully (breast feed and all that) before the new ones come. 
I’ve heard and felt some women’s pain when they shared with me their stories. 
They are overwhelmed, stressed, not enough sleep and care etc. It’s as though they were married to be the “slaves” (bundled package of being a sleeping partner+maid+children governess/teacher/feeder + home manager etc) of the family (for the husband – procreate offsprings, satisfy him, do housework, handle everyone in family including his parents and responsibilities, manage the home, and many more). 
And it’s overwhelming. 
Oh God, if only their husbands knew, what wives go through, every single day…. 
Women, enough of waiting for your husbands to ever, wake up, feel and understand you…
It’s our bodies. We have a say in everything about them. Cos we have to live with them. 
Don’t leave these choices to others who only can see but not experience what you are going through. 
And Seriously, men… 
Before you ask your wife to give birth for the sake of your ego…. Why don’t you put yourself in their shoes first (imagine there is a watermelon in your tummy and how painful would that be to excrete that out, huh? ) 
I rest my case. 
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It’s not easy being our truths, but who can we be, other than the unique weird selves we are blessed with? 
I believe the world is better with all our weirdness combined. 
And to do that is to first acknowledge, embrace and love ourselves in all the good, bad and awesomeness. 
Everything I do is to heal the illusions we have all adopted thru out our lives. I recommend that we each heal ourselves by facing the skeletons we hid in our closets. But if you need the extra guidance, I may be able to help you. Connect with me : linamasrina at Gmail dot com (do check out my disclaimer page above) 
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Lina Masrina. 
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