128 – Depress and mid-life crisis

Any self crisis often stemmed out of not able to fulfil a certain set of expectations. 
These expectations can be borne out of fantasies created and imagined, wanting them badly to be birthed into reality. And you being part of that wonderful reality.
When something happened that made you go out of your “destined” path, off – track, off course, strayed, derailed that made you u-turn or stop you in your tracks… because you are unsure where to go….. (everything feels like chaos. You never imagined being in this state of helplessness and hopelessness). 
Or perhaps a certain set of achievements were supposed to be accomplished at a certain juncture of your life or age… And they were not accomplished…. (not even one and you felt like the worst failure of life). 
You felt a certain rejection, dejected… 
And great disappointment looming…. 
And nothing or no one can bring you back to the joyous path unless…
You do some fine tuning (yes, that’s what you think. Being a fixer upper all your life) .
Yes, the head may keep asking… What is the purpose of life? Over and over again…instead of making you feel better and awakened, you felt more troubled by it. 
I suggest that you…. Stop. Stop everything. Let the head keep asking. And you either let the thoughts pass u by, or ignore them. Say- thank u for sharing and go ur way. 
You are data overloaded. Overwhelmed and full of emotional excess needed to release. 
Yes, we planned the best for ourselves… We daydream, we imagined and we work hard to get there to achieve the pinnacle that we always dream of. But when that does not happen. Its not easy to get back up from the “supposing failure”.
What if I tell you that, whatever you are experiencing is a good thing? The Universe is steering us in the right direction. Perhaps we have been on the wrong route and needed a detour. 
So instead of plunging into another madness of creating new plans, stop. This is the time to enjoy a moment of break. Break from your busy-Ness. Stop doing and start being. We are human beings, and not human doing. 
Break away of shoulds and must and will. Break away from every expectation of yourself from everyone including yourself. Just enjoy being nothing and doing nothing. 
For now…. 
Stop asking the difficult questions like what’s my purpose in life? Why am I on this world? 
Take one day at a time just doing simple task of being present and happy. 
Drink tea, take walks, go for swims, do some art – write, draw, sing, act, blog, podcast, YouTube, tiktok (the fun trend now) and lots more. 
When we became depressed, most often our energies were depleted. Our spirits are seldom home (can be roaming elsewhere) and we are waking around like zombies, aimless… 
Take a moment to regain full wholesome-Ness. 
Yes we can be drivers of our lives, but ultimately the Universe (God, Higher power etc) is our co-creator. The grand plan is known to Him.
 We may be distracted by the “shiny little things” and got lost in our own illusions. 
The Universe is just reminding us and helping us steer in the true path. 
Take baby steps to be wholesome again. 
Don’t rush to make something out of your lives again. 
Bask into the arms of loved ones or adopt pets. 
Ask for support. 
When you are ready, ask for the Universe to show you clearly and give signs…. 
I believe you will get back on your track. 
I believe in you.
You are made beyond Titanium. 
You are made to overcome anything in your path and be champions. 
We all are. 
About the soul blogger….. 
Hi, my name is Lina Masrina. I am a spontaneous explorer. An explorer of worlds within and with-out.My dream is to travel all 196+ countries of the world. Currently I’ve travelled 47. 
This is my blog. 
I’ve grown from a food blogger with million of fans worldwide, to a heart healer and women empowerer. 
Now, I’m focusing on just exploring my many versions of me and do my best to be my authentic self and loving me in all my colorful seasons (regardless of whether the world may approve or not 🙂 
And this blog of more than 10 years are just about me sharing my everyday. My intention is with hope and love that thru my experiences shared, you as the reader find solutions to your own happy journey.
Together, we become a huge universe of joyful beings rippling love…just by us, being ourselves. 
It’s not easy being our truths, but who can we be, other than the unique weird selves we are blessed with? 
I believe the world is better with all our weirdness combined. 
And to do that is to first acknowledge, embrace and love ourselves in all the good, bad and awesomeness. 
Have fun living your life as I do with mine. 
Lina Masrina
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