127 – Time travel, teleport possible?

What I feel like saying…. 
After watching a series of sci-fi movies like the signal, coherence, the sound of my voice, the one I love and many more…..
I’m beginning to understand how movies can be a form of art. How the creative, genius ideas get to be written and the transformed into some visual art, a moving picture for all to enjoy with their own interpretations of it all.
And it’s truly intensive and many people took part in it. A village of skills with passion and dedication. I cannot imagine how much effort and energy was being put in (not including the money) .
I love movies that boggle my mind. Turn it inside out and make me think out of the box and most times how I can learn anything new to use it in my everyday.
Previously, I wasn’t a scifi enthusiast. I do not have the patience to read between the lines nor wanna open my imagination further into complex world…to understand the unknown and myriad possibilities. But now, I’m ready.
I believe time travel and teleport is already possible, perhaps its been done by the fortunate few. But if given the chance to travel in time, will I do it?
I fear I will do more harm than preserving the things that already happened. And knowing the future? I’m not too keen on that. 
Man has so many times tried not to meddle with affairs of time but they failed (tv series like flash, movie like back to the future etc). Its just human to wanna meddle with things unknown to us. We are just pesky troublemakers. 
I would rather teleport in the current world. To see continents within seconds. To travel beyond our galaxies and more.
To understand the present world presented to us.
For now, I’m truly grateful for everything that has happened. I wouldn’t want to change a thing. 
If I do travel back in time is to remember. And for traveling to the future? I don’t think I’m ready for that, yet.
What about you?
What do you think?
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