108 – Food cook with heart and soul

Food cooked with heart and infused with so much love satiates not only our physical being but our mental, emotional and spiritual selves. 
Have you ever wondered why sometimes when you eat food cooked by strangers, you felt unsatisfied? Because believe it or not, cooking is a soulful art. 
And the art will often be infused by the being of the creator. If the food is cooked with love, we will be fused with love. But if food is cooked by someone who has an endless hunger, or is angry, frustrated etc, somehow we, who ate the food will somehow be affected by them. 
I travelled often and whenever I have the chance to dine with the locals in home-cooked food, I strive to exchange our recipes by cooking for one another.
And often, whenever I’m homesick, I tend to cook this curry I tailored to suit me and my kids.
Recent year, my youngest has a cooking test in school and he ask for my recipe for  “curry for the soul” which I often cooked for my new local friends wherever I travelled.
So after he passed with flying colours, I decided to share my humble recipe to y’all. 
I’m a lazy cook actually. I don’t have much patience that’s why I seldom cook rendang (It took at least 4 hours to a few days). I prefer dining out for that. 
And I also love 1 pot cooking, meaning I dump everything in 1 pot. 
My meals with my kids are often 1 dish with vegetables and meat /seafood. And a pot of steaming rice. Its simple yet satisfying for us.
OK so…
My way of “chicken curry for the soul”. 
First fry the onions, curry leaves and chicken. Then when the smell rises up, fry the garlic, onions and ginger (how much depends on your preference, I just follow my heart) and put 2 tablespoons of curry powder. 
Add 2/3 cups of water and the cut potatoes and carrots (if u have). Add 2 cubes of chicken stock cube (for 1kg of chicken). Stir well. Let it cook for 25 minutes.
*While waiting, you can do a lassi milk drink. Add 1 tablespoon of yogurt in the cup. And then add 1 cup of milk to fill up the cup. Stir well until everything is one. Put a mint leaf on top. Refrigerate. (my sons love my quickie lassi drink) .
Check the curry. Poke the chicken make sure its cook. Make sure no more blood oozing out. Then add coconut milk. Stir well. Add the rest of the vegetables- such as eggplant, ladies finger, tomatoes (make sure the top is cut off).
Stir continuously until the mixture gives out oil on top. And then turn off the stove.
Taste the curry. Add salt (or fish sauce as my lazy preference if I don’t have chicken cube) to make it tastier if needed. 
Use big spoon to scoop the curry. And add more baby tomatoes to decorate.
Add fresh curry leaves to decorate as well.
Everything else follow your heart. 
Intend first that the food you cook be filled with love and is delicious and healthy for everyone eating them.
Bless the food and the people involved in creating these beautiful ingredients including Mother Earth.
Thank the Universe (or the higher power, add whatever name pleases you like the Almighty, Creator) … for everything. 
That’s it.
Note: Curry powder can be “sharp” for those who are newbies with Asian food or spicy food, so just 1 tablespoon first and then add milk or coconut milk or even soybean milk… Trial and error till you get your favorite tasty concoction. 
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