109 – Basic healing for everyone

What I feel like sharing….
How you can learn to heal yourself and your loved ones…. (basic healing). 
Before you continue reading, please proceed to my disclaimer tab. Read and understand. Only proceed if you feel its right.

I believe everyone has healing ability. Only with practice and faith will one’s healing ability be sharpened. Because with practice, confidence will also grow.
And I won’t share these if it’s not successful. I’ve personally have guided and mentored some to heal successfully. It’s easy even children can do it. 
Basic requirements:
Just some understanding. 
To me: Dis-eases/ailments are prolonged imbalances in our bodies. And so this healing method is to heal the imbalances and ensure the body is healthy and balanced again. 
Remember (especially to parents who are healing their kids) : Healing is not taking on another’s pain or imbalances. Healers do not and are not responsible in absorping pain, wounds of another. 
Healers are just guides. The true healer is the ones needed healing. 

When begin, always start with a little prayer to the higher power. Asking for guidance and help in healing. 
Mine- Dear Higher Power (you can use whatever terms/words that feels right to you) , guide me and ______ to heal fully body, heart, mind and spirit so we can be our most healthy and joyous self. Show us clearly what needs to be done. Thank you. 
And then believe that you will do your best and surrender the rest to the higher power. 
We can use all senses to heal but for newbie, hands are sufficient. 
Face each other. Take a few deep breaths. 
The healer can use one hand and just wave near the wounded’s body (where the pain is, if no pain, you can wave/scan slowly through from head to body slowly). 
If it’s a throbbing pain, ask what level is it. Level 10 is the most painful and 1 is the least.. 
And then…. 
If for example, it’s a tummy ache, hold the palm near the affected area (no need to touch, just 5 cm away is enough). 
Imagine healing powers from your hand connect with the tummy area and ignite the wounded’s own healing power and together, combine to heal that affected area. 
For me, I use my heart’s eyes or mind’s eye, whatever feels right… For some, maybe the heart is nudge or guided. A vision, a voice or even a deep knowing that popped up to guide you both. 
If none comes up, it’s OK. Imagine the healing power is pink or white or golden colour (choose what feels right) and it covers the pain area and work it’s magic. 
Hold it for 3 minutes. And then take a break. Ask the wounded person, how is she/he feeling. 
Repeat it again. Until both parties are satisfied. If both wants to continue on another day, it’s OK. Repeat till the pain is lessen till threshold level is 1.
At the end of every healing session. Say thank you to the higher power and to each other. Hug if you want to.
And then sweep your own body as if you are wiping away any debris. And say – “I disconnect myself from ____ (the other person’s name). All is well between us.”
It’s best you wash your hands or take a bath after that. 
That’s it.
Practise on yourself first. On little things like pms cramps, tiny headaches… And then move on to loved ones who are open. Don’t force nor manipulate anyone to try it. The person has to be open. 
If you are starting to use your healing ability, I recommend not to charge money, yet. Use it freely as practice. And when or if some people wants to pay (some believe that there needs to be an exchange for something) , ask them to pay what feels right to them. 
P. S: For kids, it’s best done when they are asleep. It’s not just about healing pain but can also be stressed kids, misbehaved kids, kids not able to focus in school, kids who often threw tantrums etc… 
Remember, don’t take or absorp these pains as your own. As parents, we tend to do that cos we cannot see our kids suffer. But from my experience, normally this will repeat itself, if lesson is not learn or the pain is not acknowledge. 
As parents, we can intent whatever we want for them and just imagine your hands emit unconditional love to heal these imbalances or nonpeaceful behaviours in them. And trust the process. When they wake up, notice the differences. Repeat when necessary. 
Disclaimer: All information in this site, or/and sessions with Lina Masrina (healing/coaching/consultations) is not counselling, mental health care or medical care and is not intended to take the place of such care. They simply attempt to make energetic shifts in your body that may help you to have a healthier, more abundant, joyous, peaceful, loving life but this is not a medically or scientifically proven process and therefore, no guarantees of results can be given. Use all the information given (on this website/sessions) at your own risk.
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