You CAN heal yourself! (healing modalities)

I rather that people learn to heal themselves because we are already born and equipped with these gifts. And you do not have to depend on anyone else but yourself. And you can also heal your own family and loved ones.

I imagine, one day everyone in the world can heal themselves like turning on a switch, as simple as that!

Healing does not mean just finding solutions when one has dis-eases but mainly solutions to the imbalances in one’s life. In any aspect of life be it career, family, relationships, health, money, passion, purpose and many more.

Healing to me means removing blocks, barriers, baggages, walls, anything that is preventing us from being the best versions of ourselves in the most authentic, abundant and joyous state.

Simply ask yourself, are you happy?
If YES, spread that joy and share with others how you did it.

If no, then we’ve got to wear our “detective hats” and seek solutions for it. Find the root causes, investigate suspects and do healing on ourselves. Heal ourselves first before we heal others. (My healing story)

We are already equipped well to heal ourselves. Look at our bodies, aren’t they marvelous? When you fall, and scrape your knee, did you stop to notice how the wound heal well on its own? (of course you need to help it heal by cleansing it and such).

I’m going to list the healing modalities I’ve learnt around the world. There are tons of them. But I often use only 1-3 of them. Sometimes none at all (often times, we already knew what our solutions are but due to fear, we “ignore them”. And so sometimes, my role is just listening and mirroring you back the answers. That is healing as well. Allowing our souls to “communicate” is healing too.)

Do your own research and experiment and choose the best method for yourself.

There are different types:
By physical touch like massage
Vibrating energy
Meridian (streams of energy that runs in the bodies)
and many more…

Since such at a very young age, I already learn healing. My childhood has been a colorful experiences that it’s a must to learn to heal myself even as early as age 5.

I grew up not knowing I am an intuitive empath (indigo child), very sensitive to my surroundings.

I did not realized i was learning healing through my main life character- mom (mostly herbs), grandmothers and grandfathers, family, situations arises, observations and intuitive guidance. I felt as if I was in a “special school”, an onlooker but I was not taking notes Somehow these experiences engraved itself within me and will appear whenever I need them.

But i do notice people of all ages often came to me for “help”… and these “healing methods” will suddenly pop up.

True healing has no format.

Like cooking, my late grandma always knew what ingredients and how much is needed by gauging through her hand pinches etc but when i wanted to write down the recipes using measurements, she laughed at me and said-she uses her heart. So for me, its something like that.

And as one of my earliest teachers in healing, she and my mom often taught me to use food as healing and health purposes. It begins with intention -for example: Dear God, bless this food and let this food cooked by me be filled with love and healing for anyone who eats them. 

And we often use prayers/supplications in everything (in my family often what comes from the heart and also Quranic verses)

This is my own self-made list that I went thru… consist of techniques, authors’ names with healing books, workshops/programs I’ve been to (but I did not list all, too many…including tree hugging, forest bathing, sea releasing etc)

1. I’ve learnt Quranic healing at age 19. Mostly dealing with my own heart issues.

Later Quranic school sent me to learn about warding off foreign entities called jin for self and others (very beneficial esp for diseases like stroke and mental ailment that may be caused due to Jin)

  • Surah Yasin is good for the heart, my grandma taught me to read it twice daily: subuh and maghrib.
  • Surah Al-Baqarah (1st 5, ayat kursi and last 3 ayat) is good for prevention of foreign entities entering/messing with our families /lives/homes and ayat kursi is for burning them (for those who refused to leave).
  • Ayat Ruqyah (compilations of certain surahs for healing) when recited daily is also beneficial. And reciting or repeating all or some of the 99 beautiful names of the Almighty can also heal.
  • 7 x fatehas for all diseases except death. 3 Kul (an-nas, al-falaq and al-ikhlas) for healing black magic/witchcraft within own self. Azan every corner of the house is good for cleansing new homes/ hotels that you will be staying in.

Just some notes: when I was with the Tahfiz school, we have many conversations with Muslim jin (but we were also advised not to take any conversations with any jin truthfully cause they tend to lie),

and I learnt that those who memorize Quran, their bodies, hearts, minds and souls cannot be penetrated by them. Like there is a strong protective layer and whenever they got close , its too hot for them. 
Second, everywhere there is jin, even in holy cities-a fellow Umrah officer who accompanies me in our duties, got a jin “attached” to him in Mecca because “she” , a Muslim jin fell in love with him and followed him home. She stay on his leg and it got swollen. But was able to release her by a Quranic healer. 
Another-In the every toilet, there is a village of jin. So to protect ourselves often, we recite any Quranic verses in our hearts before entering, and we will be protected, shielded. 
Jin will enter human bodies by blood. And also those whose energy is low due to fear, worry and many more, These are just little things I remembered. More:

  • In Haj with TM FOUZY Travel Singapore, they have these guide books and I learn how to shield using Ayat Kursi (Al-Baqarah ,verse 255): ” Baca (7 Kali) Ayatul Kursi, satu kali pada setiap arah yang ditujukan lalu berdoa” Ya Allah, ya tuhanku jadikanlah di(sebutkan arahnya yaitu yang pertama kanan)ku kota besi, kota tembaga yang tidak ditembusi oleh nafsu, iblis, jin syaithan dan manusia” Kemudian hembuskan 3 kali kearah yand ditujukan. Ini dilakukan sebanyak 7 kali:1/kanan, 2/kiri, 3/depan, 4/belakang, 5/atas, 6/bawah, 7/diakhiri dengan doa: “ya Allah, ya tuhanku lindungilah darah dagingku dari gangguan nafsu, iblis, jin, syaithan dan manusia.” 

(the above is in malay language, by my rough translation, it meant: Recite the Surah Baqarah, verse 255 -7 times, and every time, choose a direction beginning with the right, left, front, back, top and bottom. and recite the supplication-Dear God/Allah, please create for me an iron city (shield) for me that cannot be penetrated by desires/nafs, iblis, jin, syaithan (devil) and mankind. then blow 3X at each direction after every recitation. and the last recitation end it with this supplication: Dear God/Allah, protect me and my generations (by blood) from any disruption caused by lust/desires/nafs, iblis, jin, syaithan (devil) and mankind. (I personally add – dan dari fitnah Dajjal (including the lies/illusions to misled, created by Dajjal).

    Do note: Stroke and depression can be caused by the intrusion of these entities (jin). So equip your kids and family members with Quranic recitation or the”islamic shield” as mentioned above. Its easy to memorise and make into a habit. Wallahu ‘alam.

    2. Louise Hay (one of the very first book I read after my divorce is: You can heal your life). In this book, certain dis-eases will be pinpointed and linked to the thoughts we kept playing in our heads and how to change them. I still refer to it till this day. You can heal your heart is another book of hers with David Kessler.

    3. Ho’oponopono
    A sacred Hawaiian healing method that has been “modernised” by Mornah.

    Her student Dr. Ihaleakala Hew Len (who i learnt this method from and Joe Vitale) has successfully healed and closed a mental hospital in Hawaii whereby there were dangerous insane criminals. In 4 years, he “healed” them without seeing them. He just looked at their files everyday at work and say these words, below. He healed all except two.

    Simply state “I’m sorry. Please forgive me. I love you. Thank you. (You can say out loud or whisper or just intend either all four, one sentence or whatever that feels right.)

    This is important to understand: What we are actually saying is…to the Divine :” Dear Divine, i do not know what I did to create this, please help me clear, clean, release and heal this situation.” (Can be about anything or anyone, it works wonders but don’t have any expectations. Miracles just show up).

    He also taught us about solar water, some food and phrases that actually cleanse and clear faster these “data” within us.

    4. EFT
    5. Theta Healing
    6. The Sedona Method
    7. Tai Chi
    8. The Lifeline Technique (Infinite Love and gratitude)
    9. The Work by Byron Katie
    10. The Release Technique by Larry Crane
    11. John Gray’s healing method shared in his book “Practical Miracles for Mars and Venus“.
    12. Quantum Healing (Deepak Chopra)
    13. Reiki
    14. Hypnosis

    15. Emotional Code by Dr. Bradley Nelson -emotional baggage, heart wall removal. Also advanced technique is the Body Code. Both method, I have learnt and worked with. (You can get the full Emotion Code as free ebook here *while promotion last) .  And I am a certified emotion Code practitioner.

    16. Bali ATS (Aji Tapak Sesontengan)- hands-on method like tapping but palms need to be “initiated”. (I can initiate it because I’ve been “certified” as the Chieftain/Kamituo)

    17. Caroline Myss (intuitive healing)

    18. Jumana Sophia (unleash the goddess within and heal past relationships )

    19. Doreen Virtue (healing with angels)

    20. Soul Wisdom by Dr.Zhi Gang Sha (i called it soul’s natural sound healing)

    21. Carol Ritberger (Healing Happens)

    22. Debbie Ford (Shadow work and masks)

    23. Self- Healing for eyes (Meir Schneider was born blind)

    24. Brene Brown (On shame and vulnerability-not a healing method but understanding our shame helps to heal them)

    25. Lonerwolf created by Luna and Sol (i love this site cos it has tons of info!)

    26. Shamanic healing, transformational programs/ retreats/workshops and sweat lodge ( by my favorite Lakota leaders/ teachers: Roberta “Mama Bear” Moon, and Hawk Moon)

    27. The Courage to Create Program by Executive Coach International Singapore (don’t be fooled by the title of the program. It was magnificently created with spiritual healing//process to transform people)

    28. Enlightened Warrior Training Camp created by T.Harv Eker (Success Resources runs it).. another program that truly transform body heart mind and soul…and definitely lots of healing.

    This is a work-in-progress post.

    I’m blogging while traveling. I strive to share everything i can and as soon as it pops up in my head because if it’s good, why not share it? Life is about sharing lessons learn and unlearn. Furthermore, we never knew when our last breath might be, so whatever good I can spread, I just DO IT! (Pardon the spelling and grammatical mistakes 😉

    And as always, if you need guidance in healing yourself or if you prefer a healer to do it for you (distance/face to face), you can connect with me thru

    As mentioned, I may or may not use any of the healing modalities including the ones I’m certified in. Sometimes, its just our souls “communicating” with each other… and all I can do is be present and “listen” with all my senses including my clairsentience gifts (everyone has them). And that for most is already healing because these “experiences” alongside their emotions need to be expressed -be seen and heard before it can disappear/released and heal completely. They came with lessons to be learn.


    P.s: love this! 50 healing modalities that can change your life. Explained simply … :

    Disclaimer: All sessions with Lina Masrina (healing/coaching/consultations) is not counselling, mental health care or medical care and is not intended to take the place of such care. They simply attempt to make energetic shifts in your body that may help you to have a healthier, more abundant, joyous, peaceful, loving life but this is not a medically or scientifically proven process and therefore, no guarantees of results can be given. Use all the information given (on this website/sessions) at your own risk.

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