Woodlands ramadan bazaar (s’pore)

Locations: Woodlands MRT (beside Causeway point)

“Headless” drinks seller (hehe!)

$2 per bottle (Is this costly?)but taste not bad..
(Yellow is corn, pink is bandung plus some selaseh seeds-“modern” Kathirah)

Overall the bazaar seems enormous but the food wise,not so much, I bet Geylang is much,much more..(have not been there, yet) only those “Popular vendors” steal the shows other than that, there are also plants, furniture, raya kuehs, baju kurungs , many non-malays sellers (very multi racial-mixture of malays,chinese and indians)

fyi-when I went there, someone actually fainted and the police is helping out. Could be the heaty weather ..anyway, ensure lots of fluids taken during sahur before intending to “venture” to any bazaars especially with human congestions..and always bring a friend along…just a reminder for u and myself..

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