Who are you sleeping with?

When you wake up very morning,

Who did you see lying beside you?

Is it LOVE or regret?
Is it a LOVER or stranger?
Is it a MIRACLE or mistake?
Is it GRATITUDE or lack ?

Did you take time to see the beautiful angelic face/s?
Sleeping snoring so peacefully unaware you watching him/her/them?

At that moment,can you forgive words unspoken?

Forgive the emotional turbulences
Forgive the mistakes done
Forgive yourself for bringing this beautiful existence that create chaos
Forgive yourself for the beautiful messes
Forgive yourself for the raging hormones
Forgive yourself for the colourful tantrums and bad hair days
Forgive yourself for very bad anger management
Forgive yourself and everyone in the world
… for the sake of LOVE

And be grateful for that moment

That special NOW moment

That LOVE who has been with you through out the years

That LOVE who fought wars with you and is prepared for more battles

That LOVE who sacrificed body, mind, heart and soul to make sense of LiFE together with you

That LOVE who has no control and cannot be controlled

That LOVE who creates magic moments spontaneously in your life

That LOVE who tickles you silly when it seems the world has been unkind to you

That LOVE who seeks your love and affection in so many tender ways

That LOVE who shares your 3 layers of gelato (chocolate mango pistachio) in every sweet moment created

That LOVE who opens your heart and cuddles you when you are wounded and LOVE was nowhere to be found

That LOVE who silently be with you in moments when words creates no solace

That LOVE needs no introduction

LOVE who shadows you everywhere you go

Lights up the dark alleys of your life

Guiding you to best choices of your life

That LOVE who turns on the switch and let LOVE oozes out of you whenever you see her/his smile

So who are you sleeping with,
Everyday of your life?

LOVE or regret?

Artwork: Dorina Costras

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