What my mom taught me…

“Be yourself; everyone else is already taken.” 
― Oscar Wilde

18 years ago, I lost my grandmother. She was my favorite. We were always hanging out with each other. Her friends were my friends. We explored various towns in our free time (I was working part-time and schooled full time in a local polytechnic).  
I learnt what true authenticity was with her. She was always socializing even in her final moments. Baring her truth, smiling, happy, being her joyous self. She had bad hips, always causing her pain whenever she walked far but that never deterred her from going through the eastern and southern parts of Singapore with me. And we seldom take the cab because she loved to socialize, with anyone, strangers on the bus, subway or just anyone she met in her everyday. And when she came over, she, me and mom will crashed on my bed and just shared all night long, memories of the past with laughter and love, just like any teenage PJ parties. We were the golden girls.
This year, I lost my mom. Words itself cannot soothe the pain I felt within.
Some days I woke up feeling a big part of me missing, as if there is a gigantic hole within. Most days, I just stared blankly, sad and solemn mostly in silence. My fleeting spirit seemed to avoid home and left me to grieve. And so I was there but not really in the present moment. But I’m healing.
I understood what whole truly means. And now I felt like a big chunky part of me was gnawed by the reality that took place. (I knew this is just an illusion for I believe, everyone who was born, came with her/his wholesomeness.)
Nevertheless, journaling helps a lot. 
My mom, she never really taught me through her words. She mostly taught me through her actions and behavior. I was such a rebel in my younger times. Being an intuitive empath, I observe most people rather than believe their words. 
My mom, she was a rebel herself. She always do what she felt was right. Those days when life was way more conservative for a Muslim Woman, she fought her way for her freedom from an unhappy marriage (it was an arranged marriage but now everyone involved has changed for the better. Relationships enter our lives to make us better people and so everything has a reason and a blessing) . 
It felt back then as if my mom was against the world…or the world was against her. The word divorce is a stigma, not just to community but families, friends and relatives as well. We were left on our own (but with the help of the Creator, of course).
But regardless of challenges faced, she still walked her own unique path. Amidst everything that seemed to be against her, she seek her own truth, love and joy in every step. 

And its’ all good, cos as a child growing up, independence and freedom is engraved in my being. 

Everyday, we strive to be our true selves. That made who we are. And we never waited for anything to happen. We create whatever we want. 
And so growing up, I watched her closely. She was my everything. A mom and a dad. And I was her everything too. I was her right arm, her little warrior, and sometimes I was doing my best to “protect” her from the “unhelpful” world.. 
She had taught me lots. She was always different than the world around us. When parents were busy restricting teenagers, she gave me no curfews in my entire life. Somehow, within her busy-ness juggling 2-3 jobs giving us food, shelter, education and many more, she gave me her full trust. 

“Be who you are and say what you feel, because those who mind don’t matter, and those who matter don’t mind.” 

― Bernard M. Baruch

She never “caged” me. She let me be what I wanna be and she let me do what I wanna do. She always asked me to flap my wings and be myself. “Go, follow your joys.”

She was also intuitive. She taught me to use it and follow my heart. 
And when she turned sixty, she taught me to forgive everyone. 
This became a habit: Every night before she fell asleep, she tells me that she forgives the world. 

“Forgive the world. No use carrying these within ourselves. Free us, free them.” 
– Lina Masrina

Looking back at her life, I knew the below video was just a snippet of what legacy she has left behind.

And though words right now were awkward at presenting itself, I wanna share with you what my mom has taught me.

This is one of her powerful messages in my life… My mom, my biggest inspiration.

And for those who have been with me throughout my life adventures, my mom had been my no.1 fan.

She stood by me through it all. She was one of my pillars of strength. When I was undergoing a “different” path, (though she may not approve) she was there with me through it all.

Through my own unfoldment of life, from the womb thru marriage, divorce, haj and whatever hell and heaven I created for myself and the status quo, I was questioning.. she was always there. Her presence meant a lot to me.

Now that she’s gone, I felt that she had “catapulted” me into my mission of love… with no point of return (there’s is no turning back,all bridges had been burnt down).

And as I remembered – I watched her in every step of her “departure”, I realized she had done whatever she wanted. She was LOVE, loved and loving. And as she breathed her last breath, she was smiling and at peace. I knew then she had gone to a better place.

Notes to self:

“To be yourself in a world that is constantly trying to make you something else is the greatest accomplishment.” 
― Ralph Waldo Emerson

Thank you.
Have fun living your life.
Remember at the end of one’s life, what matters most is…

Whether you truly live your life fully and with much joy and love or not, it’s up to you.

Life was never about fears, doubts, money or any ego issues. These are just fuel to propel you to your greatness.

Greatness is not a destiny but a choice.“-Les Brown

Your life is always about you, your love, your joy, authenticity, your truth, your purpose, your relationships with yourself and the world, your connections with yourself and the Universe, your voice, your perspective, your story, your legacy, your message of love and your actions towards any of it.

So your birth is important. It has answers and is crucial to our whole collective conscious jigsaw puzzle. We are all connected and we are one.

“We attract what we are.“-Lina Masrina

And the first step to greatness is to be aware. Notice where and what you are, now. If you like what you see, do more, if not, make changes and propel self to greatness. (For example-sometimes, empaths attracts narcissistic people. And you asked yourself,- in what way am I narcissistic to myself? If you attract people who often betray you, then asked yourself- in what ways am I often betraying myself?)

 The Universe has always and will always support you.

And don’t just believe a word I say, go and find out the truth for yourself.


p.s: Apologies if the words above seems a bit “not in the flow as usual”. I’m still grieving. Give me time to heal.


About The Blogger: Lina Masrina is a soul blogger, intuitive heart coach and healing facilitator. Her passion is to work with people and reconnect them to their truth: being love -authentic, peace, harmony, abundance and joyous. She is a certified law of attraction coach, certified healing coach- Emotion code practitioner, Ho’oponopono practitioner and ATS bali healer (chieftain/kamituo). (But she is not a medium)

In her free time, she travels spontaneously; “crashing” lovingly into locals’ homes, kitchens, road trips and even weddings. She is a foodie and has eaten some bizarre meats in the world like porcupine and horseshoe crab (as long it is Halal).

Her dream is to cover all 196 countries in this lifetime. Her blog is about her everyday peeling her own masks, while exploring vulnerability and authenticity and uncovering miracles of love. She lives in Singapore. But she work both locally and internationally. Do contact her at linamasrina gmail .

Disclaimer: All sessions with Lina Masrina (healing/coaching/consultations) is not counselling, mental health care or medical care and is not intended to take the place of such care. They simply attempt to make energetic shifts in your body that may help you to have a healthier, more abundant, joyous, peaceful, loving life but this is not a medically or scientifically proven process and therefore, no guarantees of results can be given. Use all the information given (on this website/sessions) at your own risk.

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