My mom just passed away peacefully last Saturday. She looked so calm and at peace, smiling, even after her last breath.

She was very close to me. .

We are BFF and are more like sisters than mom daughter. My soulmate, teacher, mentor, and many more who taught me to use my own wings and liberate self by following my joy. .

She has given me more than enough to equip me in this journey of life. .

A wild women who cannot be caged. Always creating her own path of joy. An independent joyful free spirited explorer of life who is a generous person with a big heart, always opening doors to travellers of the world.

An intuitive empath who taught me to shine from within and make the best use of my gifts by serving the world with love. A medicine herbal woman who understand nature gifts and share them with others. #healer

No one leaves her feeling hungry, cos she loves to feed others be it tummy, heart, soul and/or the mind. #lover .

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Give me some time to grieve fully.
All services will resume soon.
Thank you for your love.

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