Journey of a newbie podcaster #5: What is the Show all about?

It is about coming home and shining from the heart.

It is about making the best use of what we, women have (gifts and experiences) , uniting both the masculine and feminine energies within and partnering with the Universe to manifest our dreams.

The Warrior Goddess is about the so called “imperfect women” , who have been rejected, abandoned, abused, bullied and forgotten.

We were thrown onto the streets when we were young and now, we rule/reign on the streets.

We are our own heroes. The “broken ones” who get up on our own, everytime we fall.. , put ourselves back together again and move forward with a greater conviction to succeed.

We cannot be categorised because we defy the status quo, and we create our own paths. We do whatever it takes to be free, happy and fulfilled. We stand up for ourselves regardless whether the world approve or not. We believe we are perfect in our imperfection.

We can be stronger than men and can do without men but we chose to partner with them because together we are much more powerful and united to create a loving conscious, peaceful, happy, healthy, abundant world.

I feel you because I am one of you.

In order for my tribe to be visible, firstly I have to stand up bold in my purpose, to be seen, heard and matter. I have to come home and shine in my own light, to be the beacon, to those in search of hope through dark days. So we can gather together and help each other.

What is my role?
As a Miracles Coach, I guide women (and men) to heal blocks, barriers, resistances (especially these illusions that reside in their hearts) to their own success.

Most of the Warrior Goddesses of the world have been so independently strong that they often work alone, and their sense of belonging is only to their own. They trust a selected few and they carry the weight of the world on their shoulders.

Such powerful women of the world, must have been an overwhelming challenge to live their everyday, being happy and carefree. I know because I used to live like this.

There is an easier way….
They (You) …. don’t have to do this alone.

I will be guiding them (You) to work with their (your) gifts, wounds, experiences, their (your) inner masculine and feminine energies, while partnering with the Universe to manifest their (your) dreams.

It’s our birthright to be happy, whole and abundant. Let’s achieve this, together.

It’s never too late. We are all perfect in whatever stages of life we are in. Since you are here reading this, that means you are being called to serve the world with your greatness. And what better way to start with a guide.

And if you wanna be like me, a leader online, then click here:

When we raise our voices together, the words woman power becomes more than just a phrase, it becomes a movement!!!

Expect Miracles, everyday.


Lina Masrina.

P. S: Always ensure that in whatever you decided to do, ensure that it is sync with your heart. If you feel happy, attracted to or sync with me, come, join my tribe.

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