Podcast Journey with Soul Rich Woman Part 4

My podcast is live!!!! Woohoo!!!!! *dancing in joy.

I’m feeling so so so HAPPY and super excited with joyous gratitude. So grateful to the Universe, and the wonderful people @soulrichwoman for working with me to create this magical experience.

I never thought I would go and get my own podcast show!!! I thought its gonna be complicated but with Soul Rich Woman, it was easy breezy. Another bucket list done!

Truly, past few days have been an eye opening experience. What an amazing way to share my message, my legacy… with the world. It was great fun too!!!

Wow! @soulrichwoman thank you! It’s LIGHTNING speed – to get my brand, voice, story all ready set and published on Spotify!

Use your voice to make an impact,
Use your voice to be different,
Use your voice to make a difference!

When we raise our voices together, the words woman power becomes more than just a phrase, it becomes a movement!!!

Know that your dreams are valid and on your path you’re never denied …. only directed

Please click the link below to listen to my podcast.

If you want to learn how to do this, make sure you sign up for the training right away


Expect Miracles, everyday.
We are definitely worthy of being whole, happy and abundant.

Lina Masrina.
The Warrior Goddess Show

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