Traveling heart healer?

I was once so broken hearted that I wished someone came and help put me together again.

But that did not happen. It took a village to put me back together again.

And that only happen when I took responsibility for my own healing journey (not blaming or complaining).

Healing is like peeling layers of onion skins. We have to be patient. Everyone’s pace is different. And we have to honor our uniqueness.

After more than a decade of learning and unlearning how to put myself together again (and others along the way)….

I decided to travel and go where the Divine nudges me to go. And as I hang out with the locals, I ended up healing hearts wherever I go. And so the name stick with me.

Listening, crying together and wiping the tears away, picking up the broken pieces and healing the cracks from within. The joys soon appear.

With that being said, I’m just a guide. I cannot heal if you are not ready. I believe when the student is ready, the teacher will appear. And you are your own healer. You are responsible in your healing journey. No two journeys are the same.

The heart is sacred. If your heart is not happy, you won’t be happy. The heart connects the body, mind and soul harmoniously. To live from the heart is truly blissful. To stay open hearted no matter what, is beautiful.

Sometimes we put up walls around our hearts to protect them but in actual fact, it’s doing more harm.

And sometimes we protect ourselves from these illusions of love we adopted. They are nothing but illusions.

Let’s put the walls down. And love from the heart. With heart, our world will be filled with immense joys and the colourful world of senses shall rejoice from every part of our beings. Life will be much clearer, more purposeful and definitely passionate.

Whatever issues you have, let me help you find the heart of it and solve it together.

We are all beings and leaders of love. Let’s shine so bright that others can see and be reminded of their own wings of freedom and love.

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