Spirit splitted

I understood that our spirits can go separate places, directions etc in theory. But never truly experienced it until recently.

Before my travels, I went grocery shopping with my youngest. I asked him to get me a special water from the mineral water section on his own. This is a supermarket we knew so well close to home.

But as I was intending to browse the array of corn chips (my favorite and also a good “cleansing” tool in my ho’oponopono practice)… I looked at the time and its taking my youngest longer than expected to get me my favorite drink and so I went to him physically and helped him out. The shelves were too high for him. And then we left and paid for our purchases.

When I got home, there was no corn chips as I had forgotten to go to the snacks section and pick one.

But strangely enough, I felt as if I was physically there, rummaging through the many brands of corn chips. I even remembered what brands were on what shelves.

And in that moment, Aha! I felt as if I was in two places at the same time. One part of me was with my son and another was with the corn chips. My intention was strong enough that due to limited time, I split myself into two and went different directions.

Thia sounded bizarre even to my new age spiritual ears. As I shared my story with my kids, my eldest came home from school and chipped in- Mommy, you were always with me in my primary school even when you travelled overseas. He explained further that he saw me, glimpses of me in his class wandering about, watching him.

My goosebumps stood up. He did shared with me before but i did not truly pay any attention to it. i thought it was his kiddy imagination. Him missing me projected me in his world.

But there is some truth to that. Whenever I travelled, and when I wondered how my kids are, I get some form of “view” a vision, where they are and what they are doing at all times.

Yes, as mothers, we have this spiritual energetic cords with our kids and can tap into that ability. But me being there with them? That’s pretty awesome!!!

i do my best to explain my experiences but this is really woo-woo that I cannot really describe it well. You got to experience it to understand. If you understand the possibility of remote viewing then this is chicken feed (easy).

Be Love. Live abundantly.

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