Ramadan Series: USA Poultry-What's on TV?

Country: SingaporeFood: Sponsored While sorting my jigsaw thoughts and words (actually nursing my brainfreeze moments), I shall allow you to concoct your own story in your own individual minds with these feast of pictures…. Will update this post with words,soon… p.s: Try guessing…”What is Putri’s role in this event?”…Is she the audience,the participating member of […]

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Ramadan 2010-Mediterranean Twist at Manhattan Fish Market

Country: SingaporeFood: Sponsored Glancing at the bustling restaurant located in Plaza Singapura, I noticed the long queue are made of youth in their funky weekend clothes. Chattering endlessly with their friends, they do not mind waiting in queue as long as they get to have a meal inside. Manhattan Fish Market has turned HALAL certified

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Ramadan 2010- MadJack Aussie Style

Country: SingaporeFood: Sponsored First and foremost,thank you for the overwhelming responses to the MadJack contest: MadJack is an Aussie food restaurant which is very modern and young.It caters to all ages but mainly to the youths-student. The last time I came here was 2 years back when Halal food is scarce and if I’m not

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Ramadan 2010-1 for 1 Korean BBQ chicken

Country: SingaporeFood: Sponsored When I think about Korea, the first thing that came to mind is “Bibimbap” and “Kimchi” .But this No.1 Restaurant in Korea serves nothing like those “stereotype food”. Starting humbly in 1995,now they have grown into a powerful franchisor brand locally and internationally. They are passionate about serving quality and very healthy

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What a QUACKY spicy day!

KHAN restaurant Location: 149 dunlop street (moved to a bigger premise on 126 Dunlop street) Only every TUESDAY!! tel:98534640/62963518 (call to book ur duck curry b4 coming to collect!) Sorry RAMADAN month- no DUCK! (After raya, insya-Allah have, call firstlah) Watched me featured it on TV. DUCK breast DUCK THIGH! HABIS!(finished!) If u had read my

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Bahulu Warisan

BAHULU WARISAN BENDEMEER (boon keng MRT station)(near the shops alley beside the market)Halal-certified This is located at Boon Keng NEL MRT station (near wet market), Just walk straight thru the covered shops (provision shops, clothes shop, drinks stall…) and follow the trail of freshly made bahulu….u won’t get lost! The last time, I came down,

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Iftar at Sakunthalas

Update 2009-This restaurant has moved to a location opposite Mustafa Cafe. This wet towel DEFINITELY must pay @20 cents each…Is this complimentary? Hmm, need to check the receipt…Normally in restaurants, must pay..Complimentary sky juice (no need to order drinks also can!)Nice warm bandung (hehe! The ice has not chilled the drink)Hotplate Pepper mutton.Nice!the lemon chicken

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