Ramadan Series: USA Poultry-What's on TV?

Country: SingaporeFood: Sponsored While sorting my jigsaw thoughts and words (actually nursing my brainfreeze moments), I shall allow you to concoct your own story in your own individual minds with these feast of pictures…. Will update this post with words,soon… p.s: Try guessing…”What is Putri’s role in this event?”…Is she the audience,the participating member of

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Ramadan 2010- Orchard MRT: Ayam Bakar Ojolali

Country: SingaporeFood : Sponsored Lucky Plaza…aah…the sweet queer smell of familiar mall.I used to hang out this area in my teens,swapping between part-time jobs. Now, as U elevate to every floor, there is a distinct smell of segregrations between Indonesian Cuisines, Filipino chatters and hustling of warehouse goods which you can get cheaper elsewhere. But

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Garuda Padang cuisine (Ramadhan package)

Garuda Padang cuisine (HALAL-certified)2 branches: 1)15 Cairnhill Road, #02-01,Cairnhill Place Singapore 229650Tel: 67354111 *Fax: 2)VivoCity,1 Harbourfront Walk #B2-28Singapore 098585*Tel: 63769595 * Fax: great ambience..(have your meetings here!) Bismillah.. The most powerful dish is RENDANG. YUMMY! The search for replacement of 201D tampines rendang is over…Yummilicious! Gulai kikil is urat (chewy soft-like tendon in

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