Prophet’s healthy lifestyle (in Malay)

This Professor used to be my favorite Malay motivational speaker because he balanced western (he got his phd in psychology from USA) and Islamic knowledge in his speeches.

I have not been updating myself about him and his speeches until my mom’s visit last year.

he state that to be healthy…

1) Everyday…
Before we sleep, forgive everyone and everything (including yourself)

2) If life is stressful for you that means you are not grateful enough (so start appreciating your current abundance)

3) wake up with a smile and rest assured, the day will be happy too.

Something like that.

And there are also many tips to handle stress shared by him here.

He also shared healthy lifestyle and habits used by Prophet Muhammad saw (pbuh) such as eating methods, sleeping methods and healthy ways of easing one self (toilet).

i heard him saying in this speech that one non-Muslim doctor state that if people practised this Islamic habits and lifestyle, all clinics of the world will be closed (because we will be so healthy that we don’t need them).

Its really simple tools and methods used for a healthier life.

This video is in Malay language.

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