Happy New Year and Happy Shopping!

I’m not much of a shopper. As a traveller, I learn to carry only what I truly need and that also applies to my living condition.

I’m a simple lady. My life is simple. My living conditions is simple too.

But do you know that we are constantly shopping Everyday?

We are avid shoppers of life. We shop for experiences.

We started in a clean slate as babies. And as we grow up and observe the people and our surroundings, we choose and select what may seems to be the truth at that moment as our truth.

For example, if as kids, we noticed that our parents were frugal and often save for rainy days, that’s what we may adopt about money management as we grew up. We may take that as our truth. And that truth became our reality. And we may pass it on to the next gen.

And every aspect of growth in life, we meet myriad of people, we called friends, Teachers, family and many more.

Through their experiences, we collect information and sieve/filter them and then we take some/most as our truth which may eventually manifest itself in our reality.

Even if we do not have many good role models, our surroundings are currently bombarded with tons of information in the media.

There are millions of healthy claims from various Doctors about certain diets, certain food to consume, certain Brands to avoid and many more. (I remembered hanging out with power couple; Richard Tan and Veronica (Success Resources founders) and we were talking about eggs being good or bad. We were in a prata shop. We ended up eating egg prata each ;))

*but as hooponopono practitioner myself, i knew that everything is just energy, and if something is not good is normally what we perceived is not good and to correct that, I have to ask the Divine to help me clean, clear and release these not good perceptions/thoughts/beliefs as truths i adopted.

As we are exposed to all these, I called us “shoppers”. Because even though we may not seem to “buy” what they are selling but some of the information they portrayed have already registered within us.

It’s not free. We will pay for every “truth” we buy. If it’s good for us then we shall pay through celebrations and successes.

If it’s not good for us then we shall pay thru coins of consequences of buying those “products” (truth we adopt) may be misery and discomfort and some may even lead to dis-eases.

For me personally, I bought my parents’ experiences as my own such as-
1)Business people cannot be trusted,

2)money can only be attained thru very hard work that involves, tears, blood and sweat,

3)it takes a male divorcee to remarry 2 years after divorce but a female divorcee a decade to remarry especially those with kids,

4)cannot grow close to anyone or they will stab you in the back,

5)women cannot handle big money only men can

6)diseases that seem to be labeled as inherited like heart problems etc (and make me feel like I’m doom for life anticipating these diseases to present itself in my life) ….

and many more.

Another example thru medias:
And since I’m an avid reader and researcher, I actually “bought” dark night of soul thinking that it comes together with finding my twin flame. I felt that its my right to go through it when in truth, I do not have to partake in any of it. (So be careful what you adopt/buy when you read articles/doing research, remember u have the power to choose the best experiences as truth for your life).

But then we also learn on these “unhappy” experiences and learn how to solve them.

Then we share this discovery to our closed ones and surroundings. And the circle of truth is rippled out and may be recycled.

We are already great manifestors.

Our lives are the evidence of that.

Regardless whether we knew law of attraction or not, we are already using it.

Look at your life. By now, you should know what is good or not good for you.

Others’ “truths” may not be truthful for you. You can be selective about it. You have the power to choose.

Practise discernment when purchasing. Follow heart and Intuitive gestures.

Remember you are in control over your purchases.

Do not buy when you are hungry or feeling Low. That’s when the shopping therapy is used as an excuse often and ended up as an addiction.

Release yourself from gadgets and from immersing into social media (especially unnecessary info like gossips), do take time to soak into nature. Bask within the infinite love and enjoy self reflection. Hang out with successful loving and positive people.

Be a responsible shopper for your life.

Truth you have adopted/purchased may not necessarily be your truth. You can unadopt/discard them. And start practising healthy purchases from today.

More info: Healing From Within: The Keys to Curing Chronic Illnesses Through the Mind-Body Connection

Happy New Year!

May Everyday brings you love, joy, success, abundance, good health, wealth, peace and harmony to you and your loved ones.

May we follow what is Divinely guided to be LOVE everyday in every way.

*blogging while traveling, not edited yet.

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