Podcast Journey with Soul Rich Woman part 2

Wow! @soulrichwoman thank you!

I’ve completed my second coaching sessions with Coach Joanne Lee and we went a little bit deeper.

Here are my 3 personal learnings:

1. I came into a big stumbling block, and have lots of fears regarding podcasting, but Coach reassured me by sharing her own experiences thus I felt inspired to move forward.

2. Though I’m the heart healer, Coach actually triggered my own wound to resurface regarding Women Mentors, and we actually healed it.

3. I can be timid and introvert when facing something I barely knew like podcasting, but after being coached, I felt at ease and comfy in my own skin for my own podcast. Thank you!!!

And so I shared this with you …

Use your voice to make an impact
Use your voice to be different
Use your voice to make a difference

When we raise our voices together, the words woman power becomes more than just a phrase, it becomes a movement!

Know that your dreams are valid and on your path you’re never denied …. only directed

If you want to learn how to do this, make sure you sign up for the training right away!!!

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