PitBull in Tony Robbins UPW 2018 (Singapore)?

This is a very long post…

I’m still feeling the event as if it was just yesterday…

It was almost a decade ago when Tony Robbins held his programs here. It was exactly the same time that I “idolised” him since I read his first few books.

But that “idol” feeling no longer reside.

Ever since I’ve met people like celebrities and transformational speakers, coaches and many more off-stage and off-screen…. I realised that they are just like you and me. Human.

Ok…this is from a crew perspective.

I fell into a very deep sleep after Tony Robbins event in Singapore (31/1-4/2/18). And woke up only days after.

This was because I have not taken the time to “process” my adventures from Canada-Europe-Singapore … let alone taking the time out for self love -rejuvenate and heal.

Traveling can take a toll on you.

Whenever I took a long flight, I often felt like a big chunk of me was left behind… and I had to gather everything I got when I landed.

it’s been 4 years since I crewed for mass events with Success Resources (except Warrior Camp Spain 2016-that was not crewing but exceptionally transformational experience ).

My body suddenly was reminded of the strenuous moving, stretching and crouching in such events that it felt awkward.

There were amazing 600+ crews. I’m one of them ushering in front at the solitaire/diamond area. I am honoured to serve the 12000+ participants from around the world.

I felt truly grateful to be able to witness Tony Robbins empowering the crowd and kept them “Tony-Tranced” while leading them to be transformed in mere days.

And I was one of many to be able to see Tony Robbins really upclose and not just literally at his feet but physically as well because I had to crouch at his feet to keep crowds away while being “invisible”. (Crews have to be invisible unless we are the man-fence(security barricades)

So ushering is also like being a “bouncer” for a club.

Not forgetting picking up trash (waste management), answering questions (information booths for participants), keeping a wild check on participants who were from less pricey seats but yet wished for the front view that cost up to $5000 (so like concerts security team) .

Regardless of whatever duty we were asked to do, we always are ready with flashy smile for any (actually many) spontaneous photos asked from participants (cos we are awesome Tony Robbins crews 😉

And of course the first day firewalk was the blast. Walking on hot fiery coals with one’s bare feet.

One can wonder-How tough can that be, right?;)) but wait till you face the fiery hot coals burning right before your very eyes… all the “demons” start to dance and whisper in your mind…

I was the safety anchor in the firewalk lane but later I too had a chance to experience my own firewalk.

I’ve done many awe-amazing stuff in many other transformational programs and knew that this is “safe”.

I believe it can be done. I can feel the squishing of my meaty feet on coals when I walked on it but my feet was not harmed.

My confidence soared even higher after that. I was in the “state”.

Anyway thru out the event….
It was highly energised, vibrant always grooving and dancing, participants go all out kind of mode and also embracing heart opening transformations. Lives truly were transformed in every part of the event.

Well back to me…
My feet has never understood the meaning of “fit” until I had to bend, kneel, crouch, stand, sit in various positions in a million times in my ushering positions.

They were so sore that I had finally understood in gratitude of having knees and firm legs to withstand the 12 hours and more daily.

My challenge was many but this stood tall….

I knew I had to be versatile and flexible in events like this but yet upon arriving in Singapore and wrestling with my jetlaggy body and mind, restless heart and soul (because I’m an empath and don’t really like crowds)…

Suddenly I fall prey into one of my many inner child tantrums.

I refused to be open and obliging. I refused to mingle and love everybody. All I kept saying was-I want to go home.

I wanted everything to just end. But I was able to conquer that by being with it. Being with that inner child for awhile. Letting it rant out as much in my own privacy. And once I’m done, I was able to serve others the best I can.

So not only the participants will go through their own breakthroughs but we crews too have our own.

We each have our own stories that we keep telling ourselves. And it’s time to change.

But nevertheless, I applaud my very best intention because I believe I did my very best at that moment.

And I make sure I went through the finishing and complete my role Everyday the best I can.

I had put on an astounding 7 kg in these travels (I thought it was the autumn in Canada and winter in Europe that add that plumpness to my cheeks.lol )

So navigating my new weight and body while running around in this crewing role was not that pleasant.

Felt like a humty dumpty running around while being on guard not to fall and break my own egg shell. Lol.

Okay, put aside the excuses and whining of this warrior, there were many blessings and miracles.

There were many other speakers but I like this one…

Master Co (one of the speakers/Trainers in Tony Robbins UPW program) has taught us crews… how to handle massive energies like these 12000 crowd and cut all the cords and heal and rejuvenate in such short time.

Anyway being near Tony, I can feel his very presence, his essence.

Felt like he was 1000% all out. Championing his legacy, his message to the crowd.

Liberating mass to live their dreams and lead passionate lives. I understood why some peeps did what they did.

Doing their best to hurl themselves at us, crews: man-fence that we barricade others with.

Crying, pining for Tony just to have his attention, his gaze, his handshake, just a touch of Tony-magic is suffice.

And some willing to fight just to wrestle the best seats for themselves and their loved ones.

I understood it all … at that moment.

Photo courtesy of Rem, my crew mate… (I did not take any shots of him. I was seriously focus. 😉

When Tony was walking around delivering his legacy, i was crouching down looking up at him.

Watching his every move while keeping an eye on any spontaneous “people crashing” for selfies etc

Like a rockstar worthy of this 12000 audience, he totally “wow-ed” everyone regardless of age, gender, religion, nationality and many more, for sure his presence has inspired and ripples his love out loud.

It’s truly mesmerising! I was enchanted too. Like a hypnotic trance. A very magnetic personality.

And so… after it all ended…

I’m truly amazed by the great work being done in this event.

Not just by Tony but the people before and after this event. The people who made sure everything goes smoothly.

Everyone just tirelessly work like a well oiled machine in a team where we just knew one another only recently. Backing, supporting and loving one another, unconditionally.

And not forgetting the many lessons I’ve learnt/unlearnt from amazing inspiring crews alongside our leaders and Trainers from Asia, Australia, UK, USA, Japan, Chile, Europe and many more.

I knew the Universe always puts me at the right place and location because there are still some things I’ve yet to learn and unlearn.

Ultimate Bonus was PitBull gracing our event with his mini-concert.

Sharing his humble beginnings and childhood stories from Cuba to America.

And he was electrifying us with his songs and sexy female dancers on stage.

For him positivity is his life message. And inspiring to note that he build schools to give back to his community.

We crews didn’t really know he was the “surprise element” in this event until the second day.

Thank you.

It’s Cave time… and yes! I wanna do that 10 days challenge (Tony Robbins UPW : breathe, eat live foods, water, essential oils etc) and be on track with fitness, food (I meant back on my healthy weight actually) and definitely rest.

While I ponder and reflect…

I’m sorry.
Please forgive me.
I love you.

I love to share with you my fancy scribbles of notes….but this guy did the best thing ever… he compiled it!

Super awesome…


(If the link does not work, try again another day… or few days later…)

P.s: The crews who volunteered are amazing professionals from entrepreneurs, coaches, NLP practitioners, trainers, masters, healers, biz owners, and many more amazing people from around the world who humbled themselves to serve others with much love, light and heart. Truly grateful. Thank you🙏🏻

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