Itchiness and healing….

Recently when I was back in Asia for a short while… I’ve had some form of itchiness that seems to pester me longer than it should.

I thought it was probably the fleeting surroundings that I’ve been, like sitting on the terminals/stations seats, or the dust on the headrest in planes, or the inadequate liquid intake or the wintry season that kept my skin dry and many more…

But it was none of that.

In my spontaneous travels, I’ve been to some places that I had to close my eyes to “mask” the unpleasant sight of the “dirtyness”. But often I came out unscathed. I’ve never gotten ill or had any of this itchiness …

It’s quite maddening….

As the itchiness was about to heal, suddenly I have this crazy itch as if there were thousand pricks on that spot that made me lose control and I will scratch till it bleed. And that only last for awhile. And then…the pattern happens over and over again.

I was still recuperating from my travels and so I did not “diagnose” myself.

I’ve helped to facilitate healing for some of my clients on itchiness and somehow I knew that this itchiness erupted from something deeper within me.

Itchiness is often a sign from within indicating that the person wants to get away from the current situation.

It can be her/his current life, work, person, animal whatever…

It can be unhappiness, frustrations or dissatisfaction with whatever current situation one is facing that creates the itch.

If you have a clue to what is the source of your dissatisfaction that made you wanna run away or get away, then focus on it.

If not, meditate. Close your eyes and ask the itchiness the reason why they are in your body. Whatever answers you received be it in form of words, voice, pictures etc the first one is always correct. Ponder on it further and ask how you can heal yourself. (You can do this on any dis-ease)

For me, I was not truly enthusiastic to be a crew in Tony Robbin’s seminar. I flew all the way from Europe and did not rest from my previous healing sessions nor did I took some time away to recuperate.

And when I did arrive in Singapore, part of me wants to hang out with my kids and just be lazy. But instead, for the greater good of others, I decided to use whatever leftover energy I had to volunteer.

I had walked away from such seminars 4 years back. Don’t get me wrong… I’m not against such thing but since I’ve changed “course” in my life, I only partake in events that include mostly heart, soul and spiritual awakenings.

My soul was truly kicking and screaming when I said yes to a fellow crew member to help him out. And when I said yes, it’s already a promise I made. And I do whatever it takes to fulfil it.

Furthermore as an empath, I don’t thrive well in crowded mass events especially not in 12k audience.

It felt like I was betraying myself when I went. Body, heart, mind and soul. Although I did find the positive side of it all and blessed it, deep down I felt that I did not listen to myself. Really listen to self. That is an act of self-love.

So after the crewing event, I rested well wherever I went and forgot about it all. I only remembered when the itch appeared.

So this time, I went in meditation and asked why the itch stayed in my body and how can I heal it?

Of course, the reason is betrayal. I betrayed myself because I went for the event when my heart and soul was not into it. And the itch was some sort of “rebellious” part of me. It needed to be heard.

I asked how can I healed it. And the answer is to forgive myself.

I do this a lot. I often do the opposite of what my heart and soul told me. Often siding with ego although I knew the consequences and effects.

So I meditate and be with my self. I hugged myself and look into my own eyes (use a mirror or imagine). I said-forgive me? And when the answer yes was said…. I felt a relief coming up.

I breathe in and out a few times.

And I looked at the itchiness spots-between the arms, the neck and the feet…

Suddenly, the bright reddish marks turned pink. The great urge to just get my fingernails beneath the skin and scratched out the itchiness was no longer there…

The next day, the scratched marks turned brown like my skin. The itchiness dried out and healed fast.

Everything went back to normal.

If you want more… this is good. Just FYI….

Emotions do play a part in many dis-eases. It’s a part of the healing facilitation I did with my clients in and around the world.

P.s: This is one of the many alternative healings available in the world. Some may seemed woo-woo to you. Whatever works best for you. Make sure you consult your family doctor/medicinal practitioner before trying out any shared suggestions on healing in this site.

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