45th country-Our lives are sacred…

I felt like I had been hiding in a cave or something…
I had no updates on the world until recently…
I just found out that my favorite 
Celebrity Chef Anthony Bourdain had died, 
days back.
And we both were in France.
I’m still in shock…that suicidal was the reason.
He was a great inspiration for me during my food and travel blogging days. He was the role model I look up to that intensify my dream manifestations of many countries visited and spontaneous roadtrips including “crashings”.

Whenever I felt like giving up, reading his books or watching his food shows … always lifted me up and motivated me to move forward.
He had a “badass” attitude that I really love.

*still stunned

Loss for words.

Felt affected with a dampening impact though I did not know him, personally.

I cannot judge anyone for their life choices cos everyone is doing their best to live their life the way they knew how or was taught…


I’ve just returned from the two warrior camps in Spain and this song truly touches my heart and soul… (thank you Goddess Cherie)

And in moments like this,

a great reminder that our lives are sacred…

“Blessed we are
to dance on this ground
with the rhythm of saints
to carry the sound.
We hold a prayer
for the Earth,
for the ones yet to come –
May you walk in beauty
and remember your song.
why you came here. 

your life is sacred.
why you came here, 

this life is sacred.”


I had visited my 45th country but I don’t feel like celebrating.

Gonna process the many miracles and gifts received through out the camps and in my spontaneous road trips, I “crashed” …
May you be blessed and awakened on how truly amazing you are loved right now.

*my mind is still disarrayed and the lost of my muse before the camp …. is slowly making its way back to me

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