Enlightened Warrior Training Camp 2018 in Spain again…. Camp 1

Past years, every 2 years, I will be in warrior camps either participating or as crew.

This year, unplanned, I was there again to serve the best I can. Because this program is one of my favorite.

I have been traveling the world and has been on many different type of programs and Warrior camps are absolutely full of miracles and transformations.

This year, I have the chance to ride in with the Dutch warrior angels *crews. The camp site is too remote to walk to and its situated high up in the mountainous regions. Too costly to arrive alone.

I had tried that in 2016 when I arrived from Barcelona City and it cost me a whopping $160 Euro for a drive thru on a cab to Girona camp site.

Anyway, we met and stayed in a beautiful rented home for a day….

I was still jet lagged but meeting like-minded warriors always hype me up and soon I forgot about my jetlaggyness.

Dearest Dutch warrior angels…

Thank you for letting me crash your little entourage….

Love yáll….

For the first warrior camp…..
We met some familiar faces that had crewed in the previous years especially in 2016.

Its like meeting old family members and now we are back for a reunion like on Thanksgiving.

Look at the size of this new warrior nation that we served!!! 270+ excluding staff and crew….


As a crew…..
Truthfully, I thought it will be easier with the familiarity of duties and environment. But this time, I had a different set of challenges, I never expected.

But I always believe that everything has a blessing in it. 

Warrior Camp 1 in Spain is over and I’m still slowly appreciating the miracles unfolding… 

Digesting slowly what I’ve learnt/unlearnt and experience…
Didn’t take much photo shots but these enlightened souls are amazingly inspiring.. (many more are not shown here)

Till we meet again…

Definitely with lots of love, heart-opening hugs and sloppy wet kisses…

I love you.
Thank you.

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