No worries, be happy.

What good will worrying do at a time like this? So why not change those frowns or sadness into smiles, instead.
We are a big conglomerate of energies. So why not use that effectively to combat the illusions of fears surrounding us..
By raising the positivity within us and our loved ones. By empowering one another thru acts of love and joy. By listening and reading enlightening works. By visualising the world will heal and be healthy. By sending loving and healing energies to everyone. 
We will get through this.
Everything is gonna be alright.
We will learn/unlearn from this and 
grow stronger as one.
We are awakened and the Divine 
shall guide us to the right path.
Everything that happened has reasons and blessings attached to it.
Stay positively healthy.
Do your best not to add to the fears but add much more to the joy and the positivity of love.
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