Day 14 – It's time to recalibrate

Day 14 – the art of being authentic, conscious and abundant woman series continues…. 
what I feel like saying… 
I got some free time and I wander about. I felt so much fear on the streets. 
Some times, strangers’ eyes meet and for a momentarily pause, souls can feel one another. And there is much to be said in that fleeting silence. 
There is beauty in this chaos. 
Due to covid19, many congregations were cancelled. Travel plans were disrupted. And we were told to stay home with our loved ones. 
We can look at this as glass half empty or half full. 
I take it that its time, for us to look within and recalibrate ourselves. 
If we were on the wrong path, it’s time to change. If we linger our lives at the edge of hatred, it’s time to change that to love. If we live our lives like a zombie (everyday, get up, eat, work, eat, sleep and continue the same cycle with no passion, or joy or even a sense of purpose, just force ourselves to “survive”) then it’s time to inject some joy, passion, love and purpose into our everyday. 
Seems life gets shorter as day goes by, won’t you regret not following your joys, at the end of it? Won’t you regret for not able to live life fully instead of dully? 
This is the moment. This is the moment to look within. Recalibrate. It’s time for a change. 
Imagine yourself on your deathbed, what will be your first regret? 
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