Love yourself is a huge start to heal fully.

1 of the biggest challenges in working as a healing practioner, facilitator, coach and consultant is when my clients’ physical bodies are not working together harmoniously to heal fully.

It may sound trivial but not many of us can love ourselves fully and wholly.

We accept and approved ourselves according to the peeps around us and how their perspectives of us, thus we may adopt that as our beliefs.

Sometimes outbreak of rashes, autoimmune diseases n many more can be healed, just by taking a huge start to look at how we feel about ourselves.

Love, like, dislike, hatred towards ourselves though we may not show it, it is very powerful.

Our bodies are build to heal themselves automatically if they are not doing that efficiently, do consider working deep within to uncover layers of emotions you may have towards yourself.

Make yourself your own besties. Because you are together for the rest of your lives… So why not be harmonious?

Our inner critics sometimes, if left unchecked may turn ourselves against ourselves. Be aware. Take 1 step at a time to transform them to positivity. It’s possible.

Find the root and cause of you disliking or hate yourself.

When did it start? What age?

Any event that led to such?

Through whose eyes are you seeing, judging/criticising and feeling yourself?

Healing is not just about physical bodies but also mental, heart and spirit too.

Have fun discovering your own powers in healing.

Disclaimer:All info provided is not intended to be a substitute for professional medical advice, diagnosis or treatment. Please contact ur professional healthcare provider before attempting any suggestions shared.

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