Islam and Ramadan to me…

Many of my clients and friends are of myriad faiths and races. But most chose spirituality as their faiths rather than religion.

What I’m sharing is through my experiences, what was taught to me and what I’ve learn/unlearn thru out my travels and in life. To understand the real Islam, it’s best one learn from certified asatizah closest to your home n country.

I’m not going to win over my clients and friends with Islam by preaching. They have to go through their own paths to understand Islam better.

I believe we each have made solemn promise to worship only 1 true God before we were born in our humans identities and bodies. But our memory was wiped clean and we forgot.

But if we are present, everything in our everyday is reminding us of that promise. The blessings given to us daily are truly beyond our imagination and worthiness.

Even if we are atheist or agnostic, deep down there is some form of restlessness that if not catered to, we may plunge deeper into endless darkness. Something felt terribly missing within.

(I was lost for a period of time. I hang with all kinds of peeps of myriad faiths to understand them. I also felt this nagging restlessness within faced and morbid emptiness, felt by many of my freethinker, atheists and agnostic friends and clients. If u can be honest with urself, quiet your mind chatter n meditate. Feel deep within you this restlessness n emptiness reside, especially if you have the belief that no Creator exist).

If we are not courageous to face it, and dig deeper to seek solutions, we may end up chasing after “shiny things” just to get a glimpse of fulfillment and wholeness and peace within. And the pursuits are endless. Meanwhile, the abyss, emptiness within enlarged continuously.

Anyway, Ramadan to me means a lot of things. It’s a month where I was taught:

  1. that the Devil (the main leader of evil) is chained up.
  2. Peeps who passed on are free from any grave punishments (I was taught that we will face “small” punishments in grave while waiting for the day of judgement for the sins we accumulated on earth) to visit their alive loved ones on earth. But those with more merits, have mini heaven life in graves.
    3.Ramadan is a month for humans and jinn (entities) to earn as much merits and points for life on earth and hereafter with main focus on ibadat with Allah, our Creator. Also not forgetting fasting, detoxing body, heart, mind and spirit and from bad habits, extra prayers with terawikh in Mosques, and late night prayers such as tahajjud at 3am onwards and more.
    4.In Ramadan there is 1 special night in last 10 days where it’s merits and blessings are beyond our imagination. It’s called Lailatul Qadr. So many slept early and wake up 2-4am to do more prayers and recite the Quran. If possible khatam/complete the whole Quran within 30 days of Ramadan. Because it’s when Quran was brought down to Earth. And every Ramadan Jibrail the angel will come down and revise the Quran with our beloved Prophet pbuh (when he was alive pbuh).
    5.Fasting has so much benefits. It’s cleansing our bodies. Extra prayers at night is to create a healthy lifestyle and make good habit of praying early morning where mankind is often asleep. In fact many successful peeps make a habit of waking up this period of time (regardless of whatever faiths they have) to gain some Inspirational ideas and solutions to mass problems (some say – whisperings of the Universe, I say it’s a gift bestowed upon by the Creator for those who make the extra effort to wake up in the peaceful silence of early dawn to contemplate and do inner reflections of self and more) .

Anyway, I’ve wandered many lands and visited many strangers who invited me to their homes and families and celebrations alongside their priests, religious teachers, elders and more. We shared and exchanged the good of our religions and faiths and learn from one another.

I was thankful that we each respect each other without having to stamp upon each other’s heads and beliefs nor ridicule one another just to showcase who is right or wrong.

Alhamdulillah, I’m still thankful that I’m a Muslim. To me Islam is complete. And because it is comprehensive and simple for anyone to be, do n have.

I believe religion need not be difficult for mass of peeps. Nor there be a segregation of rich and poor.

I believe our Creator does not judge us upon what we gathered in the physical realm but what’s inside us is truly that matters. The heart and soul.

Anyway, I recommend that we each seek what is needed within. I believe we need some form of spiritual feed, daily.

And to take our time understanding our faiths. I dare not force anyone in religion even in marriage because eventually it will backfire.

You must understand wholeheartedly what faiths you desire to commit to.

And make sure body, heart, mind and spirit is in sync and congruent to what you choose.

As for Islam, to know it’s faith, is to immerse oneself in. Hang with the local Muslims and observe. Be open. Discard whatever limitations or fixed perceptions of what u already have. Especially those “truths” written out of fear in the news and social media.

Even for born Muslims like me, I have to continuously learn to be better. Because sometimes we took for granted things/info handed to us from previous generations.

And we blindly accept that as truth. Sometimes cultures mixed with religion, many gens later, we got confused, unsure what is the true way.

So to separate them, is to be open minded, humble and relearn from the right establishments, organisations and teachers that not only preach but walk their talk.

For anyone interested, get the Quran in your native language and read with your heart. Put aside all judgements and limitations of belief what Islam was.

And surrender the rest to the Almighty. Ask our Creator to open your heart to the right path.

This is just a snippet of answers I can give to those asking me : why am I limited by Islam? Why did I choose to be a Muslim? Why did I wear the hijab again? Why choose to worship only 1 God? Why does your God allow Palestine to be at war? And many more… (yes, everything happens with His permission. 1 day all secrets will be revealed. For now, our minds r too limited to understand the miracles that God has in store for us)

All iI can say is that what I’ve been through, observed and even experimented with… Islam is still the best for me. It’s not limiting. Actually it’s liberating. It is comprehensive. And everything taught has its benefits often focused on us.

For example 5 times a day prayer. For non Muslims, it may be daunting. But as we practise it gets easier. It’s benefits is extensive and it’s actually not for God. But for Humans. If we love someone so dear, don’t we want to connect with them as many times a day?

(also humans r often inclined towards destruction be it self or the world if left on their own, thus prayers help, constant connection with the Creator helps to curb such tendencies. U then may ask me why then r there many suicide bombers in Islam? Refer to words above. I believed current media including news are all manipulated to serve certain interests of certain parties. Most are based on fear and intimidation to control mass – my belief. To understand the true Islam in its purity, is to remove all judgement n learn from established known Islamic organisations and Islamic leaders who r role models n who walk their talk. Islam is truly a religion of peace.)

If you have so much questions about Islam, I’m happy for you.

Go and seek the answers from Islamic organisations of your country. Don’t stop learning even if you have no intention to be a Muslim. Curiosity is a gift.

Main thing, have fun in your journey.

Note: Always read my disclaimers. What I shared is always from my own views, perspectives, observations and experiences. I am not an expert in Islamic matters. Do consult the professionals in all matters shared in my media before attempting them.

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