How to prevent Empaths from absorbing others' stuff?

“Empaths are usually deeply spiritual people, simply because the gift of empathy allows you to experience oneness. This in turn gives you an expanded perspective on other people and on life.”
-Anna Sayce

Empaths are like sponges. 

They soaked up everything in their surroundings. So how do we prevent that from happening? 

Have you ever felt so tired and exhausted going through a crowded area or go through a massive concert etc? 
Or you felt others’ emotions as your own that you cannot discern what are truly yours? 
Being an empath is a gift. Not a curse. Got to learn how to utilise them for the highest good of all. Balance is key to everything.

Dear Empaths, 
2 important keys to remember before you continue:

1. Self love. 
If you don’t have love for self first, then don’t bother serving others. You will grow in resentment and wither in bitterness. 

How can one serve when their own tank is low or empty? 

Self love is a crucial and the most important thing in everyone’s life especially an empath’s life.
(if u decided not to take this advice, I just want to remind you that normally, empath parents have empath kids. 

And if you do not intend to be a good role model of self love then you shall passed on this unhealthiness to future generations and that will lead to more “sacrificial lambs” -people who believed they need to sacrifice themselves for others, 

-more bitterness and resentment will occur, definitely lead to paths of unhappiness. 

(if your car has no fuel, how can you travel to help others? Or if in plane emergency, one has to put on the oxygen mask on oneself first before attempting to do it on others. Can you imagine if you put it on others first, and the attempt failed? Then 2 persons died instead of one) 

So do you want to be a part of those who help to churn out generations of unhappy peeps?

2. Healthy boundaries is another key. That is also an act of self love. 

How much do you love yourself to say No to others? 

Watch this video and you understand what I mean. 

**(this video is a must to watch for all empaths) 

And definitely stay away from energy vampires regardless if they are your family, friends etc.

When you understand the core concept of the above, then proceed on:

How to stop an empath from absorbing other people’s stuff? 

1. Shielding. This is a common practice. But it’s not for everyone. (for clients of emotion code like mine-all they have to do is say-“shield up” , every morning and imagine yourself in a protective shield.)  If you wander why shielding doesnt work on you:

**A powerful practise I normally do- I say with strong intention and conviction: today, I do not allow anyone to manipulate or take my energy in any way or form without my permission. 

2. Let it flow through you. And say- whatever that is not mine, please return to the Universe. 

3. Seeing these as tiny stickers of energies. 
– Send LOVE to it. 
– take it out like a lint roller
By brushing yourself gently from head to toe. 
-shake it out
-meditate by grounding oneself and sending them to mother earth, or if you are more creative, send it out in a big hot air balloon, or send to the sun, or send to the clouds and then they will be transformed as rain etc

4. Water is cleansing:
Take a shower, wash your hands, take wudhu (Muslims ablution before prayer), swim, soak in jacuzzi, sea or pool etc

5. Daily or weekly (depends on individual) :Go into nature, forest shower, walk barefooted, swim in the sea, bask in the sun and ask the sun to burn away the non positive energies within and without. Do gardening, plant trees, herbs and flowers, plough the soil, talk to plants, hug trees. Pet and cuddle an animal (go to cat/dogs cafes).

6. Daily – do healing before you sleep. I suggest emotion code as one of the easiest healing modality. (if unsure, grab the book – Emotion code by Dr. BRADLEY NELSON) 

Connect with the subconscious and ask if there are any trapped emotions needed to be healed today. 

7. When we were crews for motivating and transformational programs around the world, I remembered something they taught. I had to discern my realities from the participants. I have to stand my ground as crew to assist so that they can get as much lessons and blessings in these programs. I cannot be caught up in their “every day life dramas”. Cos, these programs will trigger and push their buttons.

Though we are all connected, we can stand our ground and be detach. Be observers to honor others’ journeys. If we absorb their pain, emotions, then lessons won’t be learned and they may take a longer time to reach their destination/level. Detach. Be observers, stand your ground and boundaries. I know its not easy especially if it concerns your loved ones like kids. But its for everyone’s highest good. 

8. Learn from other empaths like me. You can make an appointment with me for consultations or and healing sessions.

These are just my tips. You can experiment and create your own. Whatever works well for you. 

I love you,

(apologies. currently wandering about, no time to edit) 


About The Blogger:

Lina Masrina is a soul blogger, intuitive heart coach and healing facilitator. Her passion is to work with people and reconnect them to their truth: being love -authentic, peace, harmony, abundance and joyous. She is a certified law of attraction coach, certified healing coach- Emotion code practitioner, Ho’oponopono practitioner and ATS bali healer (chieftain/kamituo). (But she is not a medium: who deal with spirits, entities and departed ones)

 In her free time, she travels spontaneously; “crashing” lovingly into locals’ homes, kitchens, road trips and even weddings. She is a foodie and has eaten some bizarre meats in the world like porcupine and horseshoe crab (as long it is Halal).

 Her dream is to cover all 196 countries in this lifetime. Her blog is about her everyday peeling her own masks, while exploring vulnerability and authenticity and uncovering miracles of love. She lives in Singapore. But she work both locally and internationally.

Do contact her at linamasrina gmail dot com.

 Disclaimer: All sessions with Lina Masrina  (healing/coaching/consultations) is not counselling, mental health care or medical care and is not intended to take the place of such care. They simply attempt to make energetic shifts in your body that may help you to have a healthier, more abundant, joyous, peaceful, loving life but this is not a medically or scientifically proven process and therefore, no guarantees of results can be given. Use all the information given (on this website/sessions) at your own risk.
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