Women Empowerment: Unleash the power within

Everyday, I shall post “what I feel like saying..” on my Facebook page:
This is an Initiative I created. 
Sometimes, it’s just so hard to be…
..be the woman that I am, when the world has their own versions of me. 
And I know there are many like me. 
And I hope everyday, a snippet of my life shared can empower you a little bit more to be what you truly are: 
Authentic, conscious and abundant. 
I travel the world and share myself in hope:
To empower women:
To stand up for themselves. 
To feel safe in their own skin
To let their voices  be heard, 
To let themselves be seen, in their own power as their unique beautiful selves.
To be their own heroes (and create their own fairytales). 
To love themselves and their mistakes.  
To experiment their beliefs and rediscover their truths,    purpose and passion. 
To succeed in joyous path of their abundance. 
But mainly to be the authentic, conscious and abundant women that they already are. 
Because we each matter. 
Regardless of our race, the money in our pockets, our age, the country we lived in, the community we were raised in and the many limitations and illusions we adopted thru out our lives… everyone of us matter to this world. 
And as we take back all parts of ourselves, pamper ourselves with the love we deserved and we shine so much with our truths that our surroundings have no choice but to shine with us, with much love, joy and abundance.
As mentioned, I believed that Women Empowerment is not about looking on the outside and creating solutions. 
I believe we attract what we are. And the causes are within. 
And so to initiate that, let’s look within and Unleash the greatest power lay dormant. 
Start harnessing this beautiful power and make beautiful miracles together. 
Join me in celebrating powerful women within:

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