Heart healing guides you to your life purpose

Wherever I go, one of the most popular questions people pose to me is:

What’s my life purpose?

I believe in some ways, we already know our purpose. If you are still vague on it…

It’s always LOVE. Love is our purpose. And how we serve that and fulfill our purpose is up to the infinite possibilities and creativity we can express in our own myriad unique ways.

The next question I often pose back is this…

(I always believe that-When one ask, he/she always receives. Universe is always on time.)

When the answer is revealed to you, are you able to just do it? Just go for it… without questions?

See… the ambiguity is not knowing but the fear of doing and fulfilling the purpose is actually “clouding” the purpose you already knew within and mask it as “forgetfulness”.

Because truthfully, it’s not a straight forward answer.

For me, the Divine guides me gently. As I peel more layers of me to get to the core of authenticity of love within me, I do my best to embrace my path.

Sometimes what I was guided to do, totally does not make sense. But the “hints”, tips thru Intuition/nature, serendipity, synchronicities etc will unfold further if one just trust that the Universe has your back and go along with it all.

As you can see from my path…

I was a lot of things growing up, experimenting to find out about me and life. In my innocence, I wanted to be a singer.

(Adults in my world at that time “rejected” my dream because it was not enough to create money to fill my tummy, they say. Find another dream, they said with a smile and they only gave me 3 more choices-Doctor, Lawyer or Engineer. I like the idea of being a doctor but i hated the idea of seeing someone in pain and seeing the gory blood and body parts. Back then Doctor idea was limited to surgical doctor. I was not satisfied and wanted to find more choices and what my gifts are. I explored different jobs (not job hopping cos i complete every contract I’ve been given fully). When peeps around me say no, like you cannot travel and get paid for it, I say yes and find ways to do it. So its never too late. As long as you are still breathing, Everything is still possible.)

And then I decided to “settle down” and got married. I “retired” into my cave and raised two beautiful sons.

Somehow along it all, something within me “erupted”, because I was “playing it safe”, i was not happy and was “self-destruct” in my own gentle ways.

I then decided to start opening up, be uncomfortable and explore whatever my gifts i have. I became a blogger unexpectedly.

And i thought that was it. I can start building a “lifetime” career on that.

But it was just the beginning.

How did a homemaker of ten years became a popular food and travel blogger then food writer/critic and get to experience travel in various countries, became one of the top halal foodie and then somehow ended up volunteering in personal development and then doing healing? Doesn’t make sense, right?

How did this happen?

I cannot tell you how many times I have done my kicking and screaming with the Divine when “my purpose” unfolds…

Every time, a “life phase” ended and a new one opens up…. it shook my world upside down. I had been “disowned” by many loved ones over and over again. It was crazy.

And yet I was adamant to seek the “truth” for myself.

For me, it’s that courage and boldness to embrace and act upon it that truly matters.

To let go and release what one has outgrown. The sphere, the world that she has grown accustomed to.

To leave behind the known to go to the unknown is challenging. To just explore without bringing in anyone nor expect anyone to understand or support you. That is warrior spirit.

But how do one knows what is right? Follow your heart.

Normally it’s happy feeling or neutrality. Comes from space of love not fear.

And how do one follows the heart?

The courage to be bold. Be a good listener to self. Listen well. Then act when inspired. And do whatever it takes to remove blocks and barriers in the heart including heart walls. So more clarity sets in.

And attraction of new soul friends, mates, families and many more can come to you and aid you in your mission.

Whatever we desire, is Love coated in various “masks”.

Let me guide you to seek the answers within your self…

Embrace this gift of love…


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