One of my favourite prayer…

I do my best to balance out between religion and spirituality…. and welcome prayers that resonate with my heart and soul regardless where it came from, from whom for whom… by whom.

I just feel it when i read it and intend it with love.

This is one of my favourite by Joseph Murphy…

“The love of God flows through me now. I am surrounded by the peace of God, and all is well.

Divine love surrounds, enfolds, and encompasses me. This Infinite love is inscribed in my heart and written in my inward parts.

I radiate love in thought, words, and deeds. Love unifies and harmonizes all the powers, attributes, and qualities of God within me.

Love means joy, peace, freedom, bliss and praise. Love is freedom. It opens prison doors and sets free all the captives.

I am radiating love towards all, for everyone represents the love of God. I salute the Divinity in the other.

I know and believe that Divine love heals me now.

Love is a guiding principle in me. It brings into my experience perfect, harmonious relationships…”

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