Have appetite or just emotionally hungry?

I watched my dad corrected my sons when they said “I’m hungry..”, my dad will reply, “No, you are not hungry, you got appetite.”

There is some truth to that. 
Do we really understand the meaning of hunger? Or are we just stuffing ourselves up to fill the void we perceived as missing (illusions of lack of love perhaps?)… So that we will be satisfied for a moment with a bottomless pit hunger and start the whole cycle of never ending addiction. 

Are parents too busy to spend time with their kids that they substitute love with money and food? Will our kids grow out of proportion? Will our next generation be lulled by these instant gratification methods of stuffing ourselves up?

In today’s world of abundance, unlike my parents’ childhood period of time…whereby they only eat meat once or twice a year, the children of today are very much blessed with many choices of food. Restaurants of various nationalities , cuisines of international flavours, hawker food, fast food and even the grab snacks choices in seven eleven stores. 

Food posters are prominently displayed almost everywhere, in public physical places and even in the Internet world.

Everything is fast and convenient. We even have delivery options to suit all cravings wherever whenever.

I laughed at a recent Tony Robbins’ seminar. One of the trainer was mentioning about how small our tummy is (he showed the size of a clenched fist) and how interesting that people can devour food 10 times the size of their tummy… Where did they put all those away?

I have my sinful moments too. I have two boys. They are constantly eating. I understood their hectic active schedules of sports and growing up plays a big part in that. Sometimes, I too got swayed by their eating habits and add some extras to my regular weight ( I thought my metabolic rate is as efficient as theirs ;))… But my biggest and weakest moments are when I travel, sometimes I just cannot say no to locals’ amazing hospitality and home cooked food (imagine visiting a village and everyone you meet invited you to their homes;)

I also noticed some of my healer friends felt rather ravenous after healing sessions (they are the healers not clients)… and they eat like there was no tomorrow..lol…I too, sometimes felt that humongous hunger like I can eat a cow!

Sometimes we just observe each comically, sometimes we will remind each other: Are you filling up your physical tummy or something else? We always roar up with laugher, everytime. (Like we were released from cage and have not been fed for a week?!)

Sometimes, healers, empaths and whoever is sensitive to energies, eat lots to feel ‘safe’. That extra weight helps them to stay “grounded”… (But it’s not necessary, there are other ways to feel safe and grounded, I’m just saying..). Sometimes, that emotional hunger is not even theirs, they just “absorp” their surroundings /loved ones.

Just check with yourself whenever you want to eat up the buffet table, k? 

Who or what are you feeding?

And if you cannot stop, we can work together to find the root cause of that… 


P.s: Sometimes, we are not even hungry, just thirsty. So drink up… Lots of water. We are often dehydrated. 

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