Green Eyed Monsters

I called envy and jealousy.

I had the time to mingle with the younger generations on local ground.

Though i no longer actively partake in food blogging (halal), i listened to the new generations ramblings and their way of expressing their love for food.

Envy, jealousy is common. But I want to remind others that there is enough abundance and success for everyone.

I was a success before but i did not go up by deepening my envy and jealousy for others’ successes. I learn/unlearn from them and I work with the people who are better than me. Those times, food bloggers work together, help one another even though we may be similar or our niche may be different.

We can be of different race or religions but we help one another soar. I truly am thankful to these amazing souls that seem to have “dropped” from nowhere.

Now, even of same blood, family or even race, people fight. If its a healthy fight to push one another up the success ladder like a competition is ok. But if parents, relatives take sides with their young bloggers and be divided, what’s the use?

Ask yourself again, what’s the purpose and intention of your blog? Fame and glory? That is easy to achieve but its a temporary joy. And it will only create a bigger and deeper unsatiable cravings. I’ve been there and seen some.

What and who are you doing this for? For the greater good of mankind, the Divine, the community, family or just plainly yourself? Is it due to the worthiness of egoic self? Trying to prove that you are good enough? To earn money? For fun? To pass time?

Whatever it is, when the green eyed monsters appeared, check within yourself… feel it fully, dig deeper-ask why, when, where and how this feeling came up… what stories are you telling yourself? Shift from the perspective of lack to abundance.

Believe me, everyone is entitled to success and abundance. And everyone can be. There is more than enough to go around.

Helping others who are similar and going your way is better than putting others down. Together is stronger (based in love) and alone is just simply your choice (based on fear).How much can one achieve alone as compared to many being united, helping one another?

And never let anyone take away that voice of creativity and expression. That is your gift to yourself and the world. If no one in your current surroundings supports you, find another “surrounding”… that inspires, empowers and motivates.

May Success and abundance greets and embrace each and everyone of us who believes… and help one another with love.


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