40 rules of love

I recently read a novel by Elif Shalak about Rumi and Shams (his teacher who inspired him to be one of the greatest poet). The book is entitled: 40 rules of love.

This book brought me beyond anything I can ever expected. Either I was not that optimistic about love or perhaps my concept of love is too limited.

I used to hold dearly stories of amazing love between couples in my heart, in hope that my love story will be as great, one day.

But sadly, as I travelled further into this mystical world, I noticed that the Universe is teaching me something profoundly true but I seemed to refused to accept it. Denial was my favorite cloak.

The Eat, Pray Love book written by Elizabeth Gilbert which later was made a movie was one of such inspiring tale.

I remembered, I was slowly opening up to my healing abilities to the world and was having a community healing service in Bali, few years back….

As I was recharging myself by hanging out with the locals for a few laughs…. I ended up nearly teary-eyed, hours later.

They shared with me their experiences about the Eat, Pray Love movie when they played a part in helping it being filmed in Bali.

And with much enthusiasm, I listened intently. Grasping any tips or hints, I can…in hopr to attract such miracles of love into my life, just like the book.

But alas, one of the locals, voiced out in much disappointment at the end of the conversation…
”she ended up being a lesbian.”

I was stunned (shocked beyond words). I failed to comprehend, what lessons anyone can learn from this devastating truth (for me it was, that time).

Aside from stories of the Prophets, this was the closest “holy grail” that seemed much closer to reality (to me) and it bears much hope for star-crossed lovers like me.

It was difficult for me to digest.

Later, I went online to confirm that truth, hoping that the local man was playing a prank/ was pulling my leg.

It was true.

Later, I found out that…another, “love mentor”, best selling author of the book- Calling in the One… too had extinguish my hope for love and partnership. She is undergoing separation/divorce after a decade of marriage.

And her book has outlined how she successfully attract the man of her dreams, her soulmate, the “One”… and became one of the best guides for women to attract the love they desired.

2 inspiring love stories of my heart seemed to have “failed” me…

I was badly disheartened. Almost heart-broken as if I was reliving their memories.

Back to the first book: 40 rules of love…

I believe its possible for anyone to have such amazing love for each other even if they are of the same gender.

The love they have are what most people craved for. But most people like me expect them to be in versions we have set our love limitations to be. Have to be opposite gender, handsome, beautiful, wealthy, successful, have 32 white healthy teeth, and many more.

I know that only God’s love is the truth. It has no illusion and its unconditional.

But…I’ve also witness strangers showering me with so much love that my own family may not be capable of.

I’ve witness amazing love between two friends, two married friends (1 man, 1 woman who are happy in their own separate marriages), an elder and a child (not related), strangers helping one another and many more that their love is so strong that it rippled out and affected the people around them.

Of course, limited minded people may try to insinuate that these uncommon innocent love may be a cover-up for “sexual intimacy” of the wrong kind.

This brings back about my beliefs on twin flames. They can be of same genders, different ages (can be very old with very young), related by blood or not, may be different races and religions to challenge the current “status quo”. Because their union of love is supposed to bring light to love in a different perspective.

Anyway, as an onlooker…I felt:
Like a strong soft cloud of awesomeness that can knock anyone who witness into ecstacy.

I’ve also personally experienced having someone just standing beside me that can trigger a Universe of wonderful emotions within me.

I understood that such amazingness is already present within all of us. These “passers-by” were just mirroring and triggering that abundance of love within.

What’s the moral of these stories?
Every lover has to transcend their own ladder of love to further understand and experience what love is… by ascending every level of love and experiencing their own light and shadow in their everyday lives, we can never be sure where our ultimate destination of love may be.

Because we have to heal the “separation” between God and us, between the Universe and us, between the world of people and us. We are one. We are love.

Who am I to judge them all? All I hope is that I have the courage to take one step forward and upward.


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