Lately I’ve been surrounded by “gossip mongers”.

I don’t like to gossip. When I was young, I learnt how much gossips can hurt. Being someone who was often the subject of gossips (school, relatives) growing up, it was brutal. I promised myself not to subject another soul to such “cruelty”.

And even though gossiping about others may make you be one of the “cool dudes” (one feel accepted with a common ground), eventually it won’t take long when your own “cool dudes” start talking behind your back.

And as I immersed myself in religion in my young adult stage, I took gossips as a sinful act. That will thwart me off from being in the vicinity of one who gossips. 

Like demerit points, I do my best not to get any thru gossiping or listening or even be in the same vicinity as the peeps who gossips, in hope that I can get to Paradise with less hurdle (that was my belief back then).

So wherever I go, whenever, if I hear a word of gossip, I will leave. I don’t really care who was in the group, even if that includes someone I respected.

It’s a habit that serves me well.

But ever since I learn Ho’oponopono instead of avoiding gossips like plague, I was taught to embrace everything in my path to “cleanse” with Ho’oponopono.

(Cleansing with Ho’oponopono thru my understanding is saying -dear God, I don’t understand what I did to create this situation but please help me to cleanse, clear everything regarding this. I’m sorry, please forgive me, I love you, thank you)

Hoping that it will not only “cleanse me” body, heart, mind and spiritually but also from my future generations.

And so I did my best to cleanse as much and if I can’t, I will leave.

Lately the gossips’ piles were a bit much. I cannot seem to tolerate it any longer regardless my excuse of cleansing. 

I seem to be a magnet for it. 

And as much as I want to be a listening ear to the one berating about another, I felt my ears are in pain. Like thorns were pricking on them endlessly.

I understood that sometimes in emotional times, we need a listening ear to let off some steam.

And it can happen to common people including coaches and trainers. 

But I think I wanna go back to my old stand on gossips…

Just leave. 

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