Every encounter has a reason of love.

I believe everyone who came to our lives have a purpose.

To awaken and reminded us of the path of love we had chosen when we were born.

Some can be as short as a split second. It can be strangers whose eyes met with yours and for that special second, they trigger something deep within.

And you never even get to know them. Let alone their name but it felt like their mission was accomplished by meeting you, even in that shortest moment.

I’ve been in that situation many times.

Not necessarily in workshops, programs and seminars (though they often occur there) but can be harmless gathering or visitations or just an abrupt “meetup” at the supermarket.

I believed that we already planned all these “soul meet ups” for each other’s highest good.

When I need solutions, the Universe will always provide promptly, on time and efficiently.

Look around you.

When you are bogged down by challenges, the Universe always whispers the solutions through your surroundings….can be through songs played online (listen to the words), in public, on radio whatever and can also be through conversations (out loud or soul) random strangers who seems to know nothing about you but bring forth a message so profoundly clear and wise… can be vibrant advertisements displayed in public or on tv… and more.

When I was working on my femininity, a group of women came at different timings… seem to be “attracted” to me and swarmed me.

It felt like an invisible soul thread of sisterhood connecting us all. They came to hold my hand in life’s path with love.

And when I was working of my inner masculinity, men surrounded me with all kinds of loving support without even asking.

And sometimes these beautiful souls that you came upon by chance (there is no coincidence, only synchronicity)need not say anything, and your soul knew what they came to deliver. Their message of love.

Sometimes neighbours or friends of my family whom I have not met before, felt like we had and there was some kind of close affinity I cannot describe which can also be felt by others watching.

Sometimes instant connections through social medias felt like a magnetic pull towards one another and when shared the “message of love”, the magnetic-ness suddenly disappears and felt like it was just a dream.

And no reconnection was needed. It just felt like we did our job though we may not know what it was at that moment.

Sometimes these encounters may also be not pleasant. Can be an angry stranger who came into your path on the way home, can also be a close friend or spouse or sibling that seems to put you on the edge with their behaviours.

Can also be suicidal attempt of someone in your neighbourhood…

These people “mirror” our inner world. Definitely their everyday experiences with us are worthy lessons of love (but that does not mean one can allow abuses or anything that is harmful to you and your loved ones to continue- start healthy boundaries for yourself. That is love).

The more we became “in-tune” with ourselves, the more we are able to detect and decipher these “Universal messages of love” for us.

Sometimes it can be hurtful because people connections are amazing. Connections are love.

They come and go in “loudness” or in silence. They befriended you and then disappear to God knows where… but deep down, you know its okay. And weirdly enough, i did the same thing without understanding why.

I no longer question why people come and go in my life, but I question what message and what lessons of love was to be discovered and unfolded through their beautiful “presence” in my life…

It’s really beautiful.
We are all connected.
We are love.

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