Food and body…

When I was younger, I’ve been blessed to be able to eat whatever I want and not gain weight. I was active and my metabolism was high.

But it changes in different levels of my life…

In my twenties, I realised that my body reacts to my everyday experiences. If I gain weight that means something was not right.

My friends used to gauge my moods according to my size.

I realised that whenever I’m unhappy, the food intake seems to go a different route in my body and made me feel heavy.

In fact I ate little when I’m really really sad but I gain weight like I binged on fast foods in the last 24 hours.

And when i was a food writer, i was happy. Although the food I ate was a lot but i did not gain weight.

Happy=no weight gain
sad/angry/troubled etc=weight gain even if i drank only lemon water

And before I knew I was an empath, I also gain weight when my loved ones or surroundings were unhappy.

And after I learnt to facilitate healing, I found out that some healers gain weight as some kind of protective mode or grounding for self/practice. It makes them feel safe and protected to have extra weight.


With all these information through out the years, I confessed that I experimented with many diets just to understand my own body.

But what I learnt was that no food is bad, or good. What you think and feel about it makes it so. If you think and feel they are healing, you are right. And if you think and feel they are poison, you are also right.

So what I did was…
Be aware of what every food is to me. Do an overhaul of beliefs on foods.

And eat what I feel like eating. Often when I do that, I feel satisfied and I don’t over indulge. And always be aware of what’s going on with me, my emotions, stress level etc.

And in my islamic upbringing, I’ve learnt to eat to fill up only one third of my tummy and reserve one third for air and another one third for water. That’s a perfect tummy ratio for me;)

If it feels like I’m eating to “fill” my inner self like wanting to feel it up with love or something…then it’s best to dig deeper and solve that issue before I use food as an addiction to feel good. Because filling up a bottomless pit is no joking matter.

When I gain weight, I find the underlying reasons first. Once that was resolved, i was able to eat as per normal and my weight will go back normal.

I was 80kg once when my ideal weight was supposed to be 63kg. It took me awhile to go back to it’s healthy weight (3 months actually).

But I did it. I did not diet. I ate what my mom cooked even sinful items like fried rice and fried chicken. I ate 3-6 meals per day.

What worked successfully for me was my thoughts on food and body. I use positivity to inculcate love of self and food.

And when I learnt Ho’oponopono, my teacher Dr. Ihaleakala Hew Len taught me to say before eating (in my mind to the food) -“ I love you! I love you! If I am bringing anything into this situation that would cause me to feel ill as I am eating you, it’s not you! It’s not even me! It’s something that triggers that I am willing to be responsible for!”

I like this article….
It’s what I would have done too.

P.s: if you need help with your body and food. I can help to facilitate it.

We can together find the root of it and solve it once and for all.

No more yo-yo weight loss. And no more diets.

Do contact me. This can be done face to face or through Skype. Healing you is healing me.

By being the best version of you and me, we ripple love through out the world.

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