Soul Calls

Even before I embrace the facilitation of healing, I often get “soul calls”.

Soul Calls to me are “soul cries” for help…

As an empath or highly sensitive being, I can “hear” them.

Sometimes when I’m out on my “travel-healing” mission… i spread out the world map and “feel” these continents. Wherever i felt strongly to be, I know that’s my destination and destiny. And somehow whatever I need will miraculously appear to aid my mission.

Years back, I did not know what they were but I felt an invisible tug to travel somewhere, meet someone, or even call somebody I’ve not met in years.

I chose to ignore some of them when it gets overwhelmed.

But after I said yes … to this Mission of love and to make use of my “empath/indigo child” gifts in facilitating healing and rippling love, these soul calls became “louder”.

Often I knew not why I felt a certain pull towards certain strangers, destinations, routes, homes, transports or even social platforms….

Or to be present in some worldwide events with no known reasons just that nudge….of love.

But once I followed that “mysterious nudge”, I met amazing people whom I may have known/not but actually were in need of my services.

They will often be baffled as to how I was the right person to help them solve their challenges. They said as if it was perfectly designed and planned by the Divine.

Nothing is coincidental to me. I believed in synchronicity.

For newbies of healers, empaths and anyone who wants to do soul calls… or “answer” to them…

Some say that one cannot specify a specific person to help you in a soul call and I believe it’s true. Souls in trouble prayed and asked for help and the Divine will bring the right souls to help.

In my experiences, I hear “soul calls” of those closest to me or people I’ve known “louder” than any others. I do my best to share what I see and felt and if they are open to me helping them, I shall walk with them hand in hand to solve it. If not, I let them go with love and trust that the Divine will help them.

For people close to empaths:
Not many understood what empaths are so…

This has to be done in a tactful manner because when I first started out, people close to me treated me differently after that.

They felt vulnerable and overwhelmingly “ashamed” that their “secretive pain/shame/challenges” were known to me. They immediately do all sorts to build a “wall” and put me in a distance.

Yes, their challenges were solved but some rather not have me know more about their lives than solving them.

Because the “selves” they potrayed to the world came crumbling down in front of me, they felt naked and uncomfortable in their own Vulnerabilty. (more info on soul calls, vulnerability and the “chemistry” felt between the caller and the one answering them)

(Truthfully, empaths don’t like to poke their noses in other people’s affairs but with these gifts, they have to ask, say no and they will leave you alone.)

For me personally, I rather work with strangers who are open and truly seek my help than give to close ones who are sceptic or not interested to look within and solve their challenges….because they might not be ready.

(Because empaths can be brutally blunt because they are honest in sharing what they see or feel which may be too much for some peeps, if they are not ready.)

And I’m not sure about other empaths but when I meet people, I felt like our souls communicate with each other first. And I can see and feel each others’ soul cry. It’s like souls bare themselves to each other.

Some empaths said that we can also soul call for love in forms of soulmates and twin flames. But when they appeared, they might not be what we expected but definitely perfect for our soul calls.

I guess I did that a few times (without really understand what i was doing) and the largest congregation of soulmates, I’ve called out to was in my Spain warrior camp 2016.

It was said they will leave once the soul call has been delivered alongside solutions. Which was true in my case.

More info on soul calls and love:

P.s: For my worldwide clients for whom i “magically appeared” at their door steps… i often referred to these as “soul appointments” with my clients.

I mentioned that we already “planned” all these appointments way before we were born.

This is to remind each other what we may have forgotten-to be love.

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