Day 94 – Traveling the world is me…

What I feel like sharing…. 
My friends often wondered where I am. To some of them, I have an expensive hobby. And they wished I stayed put.
Some even thought and hoped that I found what I’m searching for and I will settle in 1 place for good.
The truth is, I will never settle. Because I was not searching. 
Traveling is in me. It is one of the main reason I was born–to explore, wander and wonder in awe.
As much as I love my kind and good hearted friends, I cannot explain to them what I see in traveling.
Yes, it’s a lot of inconveniences. A lot of getting out of my comfort zone… and definitely the comfort of home. 
But most times, traveling brings unexpected surprises and miracles. 
Though they comes with lots of jetlag, sleepless nights and jitters (sometimes) …..
And fear is a constant companion…. 
I always feel that the world is interesting. So many cities, countries, continents to cover. So many myriad stories, people, culture to chance upon. 
And with the Universe having my back, i feel like a bird spreading my wings. 
It’s a freedom I’ve always known. This eagerness to explore has been in me since I was born. In fact, I skipped crawling stage in my hurry to walk and explore. 
Since young I’ve wandered and gotten lost but deep down, I knew that I always can come home. 
To me, as I travel, the world is a big playground and a school. And the Universe choreograph my itinerary to suit my highest good. It can be in lessons of healing or just lessons in discovery.
I chanced upon Jason Momoa’s mini video and wanted to share with you. He shared a similar feeling and sentiment about traveling and seeing the world with love. 
I guess most aspiring wanderers have this gift…. 
I no longer have the need to explain myself to others my need to go off the grid a few times a year. I just bring them along if they wanna experience. 
And for those I’ve lend my “eyes” to…they ended up being bitten by the travel bug… Because they can see and feel what I feel when I travel. 
And they have a chance to create a legacy of their own.
Not all those who travelled are lost. Not all of us are in search for something. 
Some of us get lost intentionally, in order to rediscover the hidden paths revealed to the sacred few. 
Or just get back to the truth of being human. Or perhaps for no reasons at all. 
Whatever reasons it may be, I guess we have this deep 
knowing that the Universe always has our backs… 
And we are Home wherever we are. 
And… traveling is indeed our superpower 🙂 
P. S: No one can walk this journey of life for you. You have to experiment with life itself and make choices.
It’s OK if you make mistakes. Mistakes make us grow. Learn, heal and improve. 
We attract what we are. The world is you. Everything is a mirror of what’s within. You don’t have to save the world. You don’t have to change the world. What the world needs now is you loving yourself, first. Because when we love ourselves, we vibe love everywhere we go and in whatever we do. And LOVE itself is the solution. 
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