Day 93 – Feeling unsafe

Day 93
What I feel. Like saying…
Feeling tired all the time.
Have u ever wondered why we are not energised all the time? It’s because most of our energies are used to entertain our worries and fears.
And one of the greatest fear is: I’m not safe. 
Examples of feeling unsafe:
It is not safe to be who I am.
Not safe to live life alone.
Not safe to express my desires.
Not safe to share my joys.
Not safe to be in this world full of crimes ….
I’ve been in this position.
There was a few times I felt unsafe…. 
I felt that…. 
If I step out, there are many dangers lurking:
Car accidents.
Being robbed
Being stabbed.
Being kidnapped
My boundaries stepped on
And many more… 
So how do I get back feeling safe? 
First I breathe. 
I calmed myself. 
And then I say my gratitude for a wonderful world. 
I remembered days when I was bold and adventurous to travel far and wide alone or just by going downstairs to the mall. 
I remembered when the Universe has my back even when my safety felt uncertain. 
I noticed my surroundings, my kind neighbours and family and friends. And give thanks for them. 
When I felt slightly safer, I dwell in that moment. 
And soon, that will enlarge and envelope me. 
I can repeat the steps above over and over until, I feel very safe. 
And after, I eliminate  whatever that takes away my feeling safe such as – TV shows I watched about crimes, news on crime watch, movies that focused on end of the world or anything that makes me feel hopeless. 
And I just focus on the little wonderful things, everyday. 
Eventually, I have to face my fears. 
Whatever I’m afraid of… I have to face it and do it. 
For example, I have a fear of driving. It took me awhile to persuade myself to do it but I create a habit. 
First time, I sat in my car for 4 hours but I did not drive. 
That’s a good start because I came out of the house and do something about my fear of driving. 
The next day, I get a friend to accompany me and witness that I complete my goal. 
At first it was a short distance and then it extends. Eventually I drive alone. 
Also, I celebrated every attempt regardless if its considered a succeess or failure. 
And I no longer entertain worries and fear cos these are just illusions of what might happen… 
And they make me tired. Exhausting really. So don’t make these thoughts stay rent free in your head. Let them go. Watch them and say – Thank you for sharing. 
Hope that helps. 
P. S: No one can walk this journey of life for you. You have to experiment with life itself and make choices.
It’s OK if you make mistakes. Mistakes make us grow. Learn, heal and improve. 
We attract what we are. The world is you. Everything is a mirror of what’s within. You don’t have to save the world. You don’t have to change the world. What the world needs now is you loving yourself, first. Because when we love ourselves, we vibe love everywhere we go and in whatever we do. 
Honour your truth. Express your authenticity. Make joy your every step, every day. #womenempowerment #awakenedmen #conscioushumans #loveself #loveisthesolution #iamthesolution #truth #authenticity #belongingtoself #selflove #girlsruletheworld #womenunite #feminineessence 
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