Day 92 – Upgrade your blueprint

What I feel like saying…
Often dis-eases created were caused by the imbalances within.
No one can snatch away your joys and happiness unless you let them.
If for example as a child, your parents, caretakes and etc.. had been stamping on your joys to be extra cautious in taking care of you (they say No to almost everything and seems to be joy snatchers) , I hope, you do your best to heal those memories and let them go.
Forgive them but importantly forgive yourself
I’ve been in that position. And it’s not easy. There seems to be an inner critic, who will parrot those words back to me thru out my growing years including adult self.
I believe most imbalances created is because we have an illusion of what we deserved and don’t deserved.
Happiness and love are one of the major ones.
For example: I believe there will be repercussions if I have anger lingering in my system. I can actually fall ill from its toxicity. 
My friend often was bullied in her childhood especially by people she trusted. She believed that everyone was out to get her whenever she was happy. And so she mistrust happiness. 
If we examined these beliefs, there is a root in each and everyone of them. 
Most of it came from old blueprint of conditioning you had as child (under your parents’ roof) which is still working seamlessly within you. 
While life taught us to outgrew our old selves, with this old and new intertwine, then there will be great conflicts.
Think of it as a computer. And you can only run on one operating system – Windows.
But if you run on multiple systems, then the computer will crash (I’m not much of a computer nerd but perhaps nowadays we can run on multiple systems on pc but this is just an analogy) .
What I meant is that, as you grow and change, change your blueprint. 
Change and upgrade your operating system to keep up with the wonderful being that you are. Don’t keep using that windows 95 in the year 2020.
So delete the blueprint created in 1970s if that no longer served you. Create and upgrade into better ones that served you with much joy and love.
Take care.
P. S: My own lessons:
If as a child, anger is said to send you to hell, then integrate a set of new beliefs that being angry is OK just need to learn to heal and release it in healthy ways, or enrol in anger management classes to understand anger better.
For those prone to trying diets of all kinds and wondering why they don’t work:
If eating sweets made you feel guilty, then create a healthy lifestyle whereby you eat healthy 6 days a week and 1 day, is a cheat day where you can have your sweets and desserts and such. 
I believe when one has created a good habit of listening to the body, the indulgence won’t be too much (for me personally, I like steaks but I only eat red meat when my body craves for it. 
And I eat steaks like once or twice a month. And when I eat, I truly savour every bite and I don’t feel guilty about it.)
And the non positive beliefs need to be changed – “whenever I have the sweets/steaks, my body is intelligent enough to make use of it and make me healthier with it.” 

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